You Need a Great Website

Hey, doesn't everyone?

What makes a great website? Style, function and performance.
We’ve got all that and more.

What makes us different from “them”?
The ease and affordability of building a new site from scratch or redesigning your old clunker.

Carefully Crafted Design


Whether we are designing your entire website from scratch or simply helping you customize a few parts, we carefully craft every component to match your brand colors and style in order to create a unified look and boost brand recognition across your entire website.

Brand recognition is where it’s at, baby!


What Our Clients Say

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

About Digital Hive

  • We’re accountable. Trust us. That’s important during a web design project and our #1 complaint about other designers.
  • We’re eco-friendly.
  • We know our stuff. WordPress is our specialty and we know it like the back of our hands.

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