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Wrinkles: how to reduce them naturally?

The more time passes, the more the wrinkles become encrusted on the face. If they are part of a natural process of aging of the skin, wrinkles can however be reduced, and this, without necessarily having to go through surgery. Focus on grandmother’s tricks to reduce wrinkles naturally and, thus, regain baby skin.

How to reduce wrinkles? (10 grandma tips)

Facial treatments to reduce wrinkles naturally

Banana and honey mask

Rich in potassium, the banana is the fruit par excellence to fight against wrinkles. As for honey, it helps purify the epidermis in depth, by absorbing excess sebum which clogs the pores of the skin. It also relieves redness and irritation on the skin of the face, thanks to its soothing action. Nectar of the Gods, honey holds thehydration naturally present in the epidermis and thus promotes healing. For a skin dazzling, hydrated and plumped upnothing like honey beauty masks to do at home.

In a bowl, simply mash a very ripe bananathen add a tablespoon of Honey. Mix everything and let the puree brown in the open air, before applying it to your face. Leave the treatment to act half hourthen rinse with clear water.

Royal jelly mask

Royal jelly is a product of the hive which, like honey, shows itself frighteningly efficient against the signs of aging. It is, in fact, an ingredient of choice to fight against cellular aging. But that’s not all: royal jelly is also known to strengthen the immune system. This is why, moreover, it is often offered as a cure during the winter.

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Spread royal jelly all over your face, then let it act for a thirties minutes, before rinsing. Such care has the major advantage of protect the skin of aging, regenerating it and nourishing it in depth. As a bonus, he regulates the production of sebum and thus limits the appearance of acne pimples. It is therefore indicated in case of oily skin.

young woman doing an anti-wrinkle mask

Egg and olive oil mask

Ingredient to multiple benefits, olive oil is beneficial to the health of nails, hair, and not to mention, skin. Egg white, on the other hand, helps tighten pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. It also contains natural antiseptics. Rich in protein, the albumin contained in egg white has a tightening effect, which allows pull the skin.

beat one egg white, so that it becomes frothy. Then add a teaspoon ofolive oil and the juice of a half lemon, then mix well. Apply the preparation based on egg white on the whole of the face, let act a twenty minutesand finally, rinse.

Mask with green clay and argan oil to reduce wrinkles

Both softening and regenerating, green clay is a great ally for reducing wrinkles naturally. As for argan oil, it bringselasticity and some flexibility to the skin.

In a container, put two tablespoons ofGreen claythen pourwater lukewarm to form a paste. Then add a teaspoon ofArgan Oil and mix. Finally, apply the mask all over the face, leave on for a quarter of an hour and rinse.

The right things to do to reduce wrinkles naturally

Limit sugar

Refined sugar isn’t just bad for your health. he is also bad for the skin ! Sugar contributes, in fact, to swelling the skin and accentuating wrinkles, by breaking down the collagen in the body. A molecule, which as a reminder, is essential for cell renewal and firming of the skin.

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get enough sleep

Sleep allows the skin to regenerate. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, and can therefore significantly impact the appearance of the skin and health more generally. Conversely, if the sleep time is respected and it is qualitythe body then produces more HGH, a growth hormone that bringselasticity to the epidermis.

young woman sleeping to reduce wrinkles

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Regular consumption of tobacco and alcohol tends to blur the complexion and make it dull. But that’s not all: tobacco and alcohol are substances that make the skin oily and less supple! Worse still, they promote the appearance of spots and wrinkles. They are therefore at limit as much as possible daily for skin devoid of signs of aging.

Take care of your skin

Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is essential to reduce wrinkles and limit their appearance. It is recommended wash your face, once a day, at the end of the day, so as to eliminate impurities and bacteria that have accumulated in the epidermis. Furthermore, one should not neglect thehydration. It is advisable to moisturize your face in the morning when you get up and in the evening before going to bed.

Expose yourself to the sun in moderation

Sworn enemies of the skin, UV rays increase the risk of wrinkles and considerably damage the quality of the epidermis. Even if they cannot be avoided, it is however possible to limit the damage by applying Solar creamas natural as possible, and wearing a hat in strong sunlight.

Choose foods rich in antioxidants to reduce wrinkles

Every day, the skin is confronted with oxidative stress, which greatly weakens it over time. The antioxidants contribute, precisely, to fight against the oxidative stress ! There are many foods that contain antioxidants: beans, cabbage, apples, spinach, almonds, walnuts… So do not hesitate to consume them to reduce wrinkles.

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Take care of yourself and your skin;