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Why install an interior screen?

To better manage the space in your living room or even optimize your workspace, the screen wall is the best solution. The claustras are indeed a type of decoration which allows to make an optimal management of a space, without losing in luminosity. Find out here why install indoor screens at home.

The claustra as a decorative solution

the screen wall is a decorative solution for the exterior and interior of a home. Indoors, it may be used in a natural-toned living room. It creates a soft and warm atmosphere, especially if it is a wooden screen. It must be said that the latter is often used for Scandinavian atmospheres.

In addition, the clerestory as a wall decoration gives another tone to the wall. He energizes a workspace in groups and gives a good look to your interior.

The claustra to separate a room in two

In a large room, a claustra can be used to separate the living room from the dining room. It can also delimit a space dedicated to the office. Thanks to it, everyone can take advantage of natural light while optimizing space. In a living room, it is also possible to use a claustra to materialize a reading corner.

a claustra partition

For workspaces like studios, clerestory separates the sleeping area from the living room. This decorative solution can also be found in coworking spaces. Thanks to it, several people can have a personal office in a large space.

Screens can also be used in bathrooms. So, if someone in the house wants to separate the toilet from their bathroom, this is a good option.

The claustra as an all-height solution

For rooms with great height, the trellis is the perfect solution to give the impression of volume. In this case, it will be necessary to play on the verticality to enhance the piece. If it is a semi-open kitchen with a bar overlooking the living room, the best choice is high partitioning.

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To do this, it is advisable to opt for a full-height screen on the partition side and half-height on the bar side. This creates an impression of extension and perfect the delimitation of spaces.

The moucharabieh an alternative to the claustra

Like the claustra, the moucharabieh is a device that is used for home decoration and for the partitioning of spaces. This openwork partition exists in several forms, namely:

  • Moucharabieh for house windows
  • The moucharabieh in the form of furniture and loggias
  • The mashrabiya with balcony and claustra.

It is widely used in Eastern countries. It is actually a geometric assembly made most of the time in wood and which facilitates natural ventilation. For the decoration of inside of one room, the moucharabieh brings a small oriental touch. By using it on windows and walls, the owner of the house adds value to his home.

In addition, the use of the mashrabiya as partitioning material is also possible. Thanks to him, a large room can be separated into two without darkening or crowding the space. It is more suitable for large living rooms and bedrooms. Just like the interior decorations and the removable panels, the claustra delimits the spaces without suffocating the volumes. It gives various decorative moods and is available in different sizes and materials. Both the claustra and the moucharabieh are solutions that are increasingly used to rethink the interior of a house or the workspace.