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Why do general practitioners opt for teleconsultation?

Due to the arrangements made in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in teleworking. In medicine, teleconsultation is an option that many people are turning to. This has led general practitioners to take care of their patients remotely. What are the reasons why general practitioners prefer teleconsultation services?

New methods of consultation

It is obvious that the medical practitioner that one consults the most in one’s life is the general practitioner. He is responsible for personally monitoring his patients and indicating the treatments to be followed. If he finds himself unable to treat a patient, he refers him to a specialist. It is possible to find a doctor to be followed by teleconsultation by going to a site for job offers for general practitioners.

Thanks to new technologies, a patient has the possibility of consulting his general practitioner in various ways. Consultations by email are an alternative, even if this does not guarantee a real follow-up. The most used means is electronic. This can be done through video calls or webcam communications. Thus, the doctor can make a further interpretation.

The reasons related to the integration of teleconsultation in terms of health

The immersion of teleconsultation does not date from the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, it has been acclaimed for several years by general practitioners. Their vision is to put their skills at the service of patients who cannot travel. It is obvious that patients with a serious handicap experience difficulties when it comes time to consult.

However, during the Covid 19 pandemic, the use of this method increased. Remote consultation has thus played an essential and preponderant role in stemming the spread of the Covid 19 virus. The objective was to limit patient travel as much as possible. By being at home, it is now possible to benefit from a simple and fast support.

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The merits and limits of teleconsultation

This revolutionary method is very beneficial for patients who cannot move or have no means of transport. It guarantees a better quality of life since it is now possible to seek the advice of a doctor more frequently. This allows you to be better accompanied for your health. In all simplicity, the general practitioner can give a diagnosis on the health of the patient, his form, and even his psychological state. If possible, he can alert him so that he goes to a health center or directs him to a specialist colleague.

Comfort is a benefit of this method of consultation. Farewell, waiting halls, grouping with other patients in the hall since contact is established directly with the doctor according to a well-defined program. Therefore, it is a huge time saver.

However, teleconsultation does not only have advantages. It strengthens the relationship between doctor and patient. This can hinder the results of the consultation.

General practitioners have initiated teleconsultation in order to be able to take care of all patients. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has upset and oriented the use of this method. Although it is very advantageous, it is not without drawbacks. The main limit of teleconsultation is the modification of the relationship between the patient and his doctor. This particularity of the consultation is this human dimension and the direct contact with a health professional. Another disadvantage is the reinforcement of the digital divide by widening the inequalities of access to digital technologies for financial, material but also skills reasons, we think in particular of the elderly who are less adept at the applications and computers essential for teleconsulting.

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