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Why choose the simba mattress for your child?

The choice of a child’s mattress must be thought out. Indeed, in addition to sleeping comfort, the quality of the mattress also has an impact on its physical and psychological development. A good sleep, both deep and restorative, promotes the secretion of growth hormones. It also strengthens the immune defenses of the child’s body. And to get that quality sleep, a comfortable, firm and supportive mattress is needed. And precisely, how to choose a mattress for your child?

The simba mattress: a better choice in terms of support and comfort

The reputation of the Simba mattress, as can be seen on the site https://www.sommeil.org/avis-matelas-simba/, is no longer to be justified. Indeed, no less than 20,000 people use it worldwide. At the origin of this good reputation, we can mention the high quality of the bedding. This is defined by firmness, welcome, density and longevity. Simba mattresses are therefore comfortable and adapt perfectly to the needs of a child.

The brand has three ranges of mattresses, and the children’s model is less thick but just as comfortable and reliable. The mattress is 16 cm thick, but benefits from the same technology as the adult models. Thus, we find the following layers:

  • A hypoallergenic knitted cover to guarantee comfort, regulate temperature and have an optimal quality of sleep.
  • A breathable memory foam to support the pressure points of the child’s body. The mattress adapts to all morphologies, because it perfectly matches the shape of the sleeper.
  • A layer of pocket springs for support, dynamism and balance.
  • And a sturdy support foam to make the bedding firm. This is what prevents the child from having a back or joint problem.
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The Simba children’s mattress measures 90 x 190 cm. This is the standard size for children, and even teenagers. This mattress therefore remains ideal for your little boy or girl to grow up peacefully. In addition, its longevity remains remarkable. However, the mattress is offered at a more than affordable price.

If you are looking for a high resilience, firm, supportive, comfortable and durable mattress for your child, choose a Simba mattress. And to ensure that the little one’s sleeping comfort is still optimal, invest in other sleep accessories such as the Simba pillow. Or, why not add an ultra-comfortable premium duvet to your purchase? These are innovative products that are sure to delight your child.

How to choose a mattress for your child?

In a hurry, many people do not pay enough attention to the important criteria for choosing the best mattress. And yet, these condition the quality of the bedding, but also its durability. They are all the more important when it comes to a children’s mattress. A good mattress supports your child’s development. Also, it is important to prioritize certain features when purchasing it. Those are :

  • The size ;
  • The type of mattress: soft or firm;
  • The design material: latex, polyurethane or memory foam, pocket springs, etc.

The advantage with Simba mattresses is that they are designed using patented technology, specific to the brand. This is the use of micro-springs associated with other materials. This gives the hybrid mattress, perfect for children.

Indeed, a Simba hybrid mattress offers many advantages such as:

  • Optimal absorption of movements;
  • High support thanks to the high density foam;
  • An even distribution of the weight of the sleeper thanks to the micro-springs;
  • Better thermoregulation and optimized ventilation;
  • A breathable and hypoallergenic bedding.
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Now you know why to choose the Simba mattress for your child. The brand’s products are all of high quality, but remain accessible to everyone. Make the right choice of mattress so that your child can enjoy his sleep well and, as a result, be healthy.