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Which candle scent is the most natural?

Natural scented candles are a must have to create different kinds of atmosphere at home. Whether for a romantic evening or a dinner with friends or family, they create an atmosphere of conviviality and cheerfulness. The choice of the different natural perfumes used depends on the use you want to make of them. What are the most natural perfumes? Response elements.

The different natural scents of candles

Natural candle fragrances belong to different families which are: Oriental, chypre, woody, citrus, floral, and fern. Each family has its particularity, because the ingredients used are not the same. In addition, the scents also differ from one family to another.

The scented candles orientales result from the association of oriental spices such as vanilla, amber, etc. If you want to get away from it all for a bit, this family is undoubtedly the one for you. The Citrus on the other hand are centered on fresh notes. The different scents are made with citrus fruits such as lemon, orange blossom, etc.

scented candles floral from different flowers such as jasmine, lavender, rose, etc. They make the atmosphere relaxed and the air fresh. Woody candles come from plants such as sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, etc.

The family of Ferns consists of wild plants such as thyme, sage or rosemary. As to Cyprusthey are made for example with oak moss or bergamot.

The advantage of natural candle fragrances

Natural scented candles are ecological and pose little danger to health. They allow you to rid your rooms of unpleasant odors and diffuse a pleasant scent to refresh the whole space. Some of them, such as jasmine or lavender, act on the the nervous system and help de-stress. They purify the air and provide a cocooning effect soothing during periods of cold winter or hot summer.

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Whatever the family to which they belong, natural candle fragrances come to give a mark olfactory at your house. Floral notes, through those woody or oriental, etc., scented candles perfume your home in a natural way.

How to choose your natural candle scent?

The natural scents of natural candles being numerous, the choice is up to you according to the use you want to make of them. However, it is important to buy scented candles that are produced with natural wax. This is an obligatory condition to respect in the choice of your candles for preserve your health and avoid inhaling products chemicals.

Also, even if scented candles change the smell of your home, be sure to ventilate rooms. Allows air to pass through to allow better diffusion of fragrances. To have more scent notes, you can choose to light different candles at the same time.

From all the above, each family of natural candle fragrances has its particularity. Whether woody, floral, oriental, chypre, citrus and ferns, they are all made from natural ingredients. That said, they are all as natural as each other.