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where to get shine armor ?

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Are you looking for a solution to restore the shine to your car’s paintwork ? Have you already tested the many protection products available in specialized shops and no wax or product has been able to restore your vehicle’s paintwork ?

But then how can you easily restore the protective coating of your car ? Is it necessary for the coating to be restored by a body shop ?

Don’t worry, Shine Armor and the ceramic contained in this product will give your car a facelift at low cost. This manufacturer has been developing for years a product that is a sensation at auto shows.

Your vehicle’s paint and upholstery will deteriorate over time.

If you ask a body shop about the paint condition of your car, and it already has a few miles on the odometer, you may be in panic. The protective coating on your vehicle has seriously deteriorated over time: bad weather, dirt from birds, shocks, scratches…

A car paint must be maintained, it is not enough to clean it with a conventional product and water. If it is a recent vehicle, the coating made up of the varnish is the first to fade and lose its mirror effect.

The use of products to clean car paint does not provide as much protection for your vehicle as these products sold only on the Internet.

Our opinion and test of this product with ceramic protective coating

3 important points to maintain your car’s paint coating

  1. Your vehicle has a paint with a protective coating that is weakening: remember to feed and revive it at least once or twice a year.
  2. Don’t choose just any car paint maintenance product because low quality products will have the opposite effect.
  3. Don’t leave your bodywork dirty for too long because that’s where corrosion and rust do the most damage.

A vehicle’s paint coating will fade over time.

The application of this product will instantly revive and protect your car.

Cleaning the paint coating of your vehicle with a ceramic-based product: How to do it?

Nothing could be simpler to apply the product, see for yourself its action and without water.


Videos of the advisories on these vehicle skin protection products

So read on, because your car may well have found the product that offers the most glowing reviews. The combined power of this ceramic-based product will give your vehicle a true protective coating.

It is a ceramic-based product and the protection of your vehicle’s paint will be incomparable. The use of a specific coating of varnish on a large majority of car bodies is complex to clean with water only. In our opinion, water will systematically leave traces on your vehicle.

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This purchase is in our opinion the best protection you can offer to your car. The opinions are unanimous: it is the preferred product for car maintenance. It will give your car’s upholstery a protection and a mirror effect (thanks to the ceramics contained in this product).

In terms of the type of car paint protection product, this maintenance spray has made an undeniable place for itself as a quasi leader. If your vehicle requires surface scratch removal or just a decorative and long-lasting shine, this product is for you. We will explain to you in detail why these products have all the advantages over other waxes on the market.


Shine Armor: A wax that exploits the power of ceramics

This car product is also a ceramic-based compound car protection restorer.

Shine Armor is composed of different products to (re)give this extraordinary shine:

  • perfect combination of SiO2 ceramic coating
  • suitable for cars, marine vehicles and other demanding surfaces
  • 20X more resistant and of higher quality than traditional waxes
    gloss of the varnish
  • simplified use thanks to its spray diffusion
  • developed in the laboratory, a user-friendly and innovative technology

A complement to the protection of your car after its wash that will replace the wax you used to use before for your vehicle.

The sun’s rays deteriorate a car’s protective coating. And without protection, this paint will look more and more dull and bland. Thanks to the ceramics applied to the surface of your car, your bodywork will regain its almost original paint (exterior appearance in any case).

How to clean the rims of your car with Shine Armor ?

Why are the opinions are unanimous on Shine Armor?

Thanks to its laboratory-tested technology based on ceramic compounds, no car or vehicle is resistant to it. It is a product that has been used by car salesmen (their opinions are unanimous too) for years, especially when cars are to sparkle at car shows.

It is a cleaning product for car or vehicle paint (motorcycle, scooter …). Its patented protection system will not only remove scratches on your bodywork, but will also allow you to clean your vehicle without water.

With a perfect finish, even when applied in direct sunlight (which is not the case with classic polishes), Shine Armor car product will not leave you insensitive.

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It is a car cleaning product very well known by car dealerships in particular because it is used to obtain a quality finish, and a paint with an incredible gloss effect. This is an obligation when you want to present a car or a vehicle in a showroom for example to sell it.

This concept is made possible thanks to its particular composition based on ceramics. Your car is thus protected from external aggressions, and this car wax guarantees that your beautiful Dodge, Ford or BMW will be well protected.

Shine Armor : Quality protection products

This ceramic-based protection product will easily remove shallow scratches on your car. The customers’ opinion is unanimous (see below the reviews from TrustPilot). The coating that makes up the body of motor vehicles is very fragile and subject to external hazards.
A good protection against ageing or tarnishing of your bodywork is the application of a protective product. The ceramics contained in Shine Armor product will allow in only one application to give again a youthfulness to the body of your car. This wax with a protected concept will really embellish your vehicle.

Enhance your car to sell it !



Your beautiful Mustang is for sale but the years of life of your vehicle have taken their toll on its condition: scratches, damaged upholstery, dull paint… And if you invested a few euros in this miraculous product: Shine Armor. In my opinion, you will not be disappointed.

Its ceramic-based concept will rejuvenate the exterior of your car and make it shine.

And what could be better than a quality paint to convince a potential buyer? In a used car market where offers and reviews are abundant, the car that will stand out will be the one with a stunning exterior appearance.

Shine Armor is THE reference protection and renovation product in USA today. Its other advantage, Shine Armor is not expensive, but really considering the service it will give you.

Shine Armor : delivery, shipping and prices

Our opinion about the price of this product is very clear: Shine Armor is not expensive at all.

In the world of car protection products, all prices are practiced, and for results not equivalent to Shine Armor :

  • car with trace on the body
  • product that irritates the fingers
  • vehicle with a non-glossy appearance
  • paint that remains dull
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In the opinion of many car dealers, Shine Armor outperforms the competition because of the durable protection it provides.

Is Shine Armor available for purchase on Amazon?

However, this product is much easier to find on the Internet through the manufacturer than on Amazon.

Indeed, many counterfeits are circulating on the Internet, and it would be a shame to damage your vehicle with a vulgar copy of this product.

With often price reductions and -50% offered by the official manufacturer, delivery offered, this protection spray for your vehicle is no longer waiting for you to order it.

Here are some excerpts from customer reviews of Shine Armor (manufacturer of the product) available on the independent website TrustPilot

The product works wonderfully, I won’t be using it for my Dodge anymore! I made a small mistake in my order, but I contacted customer service and the problem was solved immediately. Thank you Shine Armor – opinion of a Denver’s driver


The Shine Armor product is simply amazing, with only one application! The protective coating on my car looks great! I even managed to make a few scratches disappear! It was really great ???? ! And my interior now looks brand new! I really love it! I love it so much that I’m going to clean my husband’s truck! I can’t wait ! – opinion of a BMW driver

Protective product for vehicle body : The opinions of auto professionals

Absolutely amazing products. It does exactly what it is told. Easy to apply for a perfect mirror finish effect on the surfaces of my cars. I highly recommend it to everyone. – opinion of a Peugeot dealer


Summary of advantages and disadvantages

Here’s Why Customers Trust Shine Armor…

Our Competitors
❌ Outdated Silicone Coating ✅ Advanced Si02 Ceramic Coating Formula
❌ Requires Water ✅ No Water Need
❌ No Washing & Cleaning Features ✅ One-Step Solution (Wash, Shine, Protect)
❌ Expensive ✅ Cost Effective
❌ Lasts for 2-7 days ✅ Last 2-3 Months
❌ Non Weather Resistant ✅ Ceramic Weather Coating
❌ Strips Paint ✅ No Smearing, Streaking, or Scratching
❌ Evaporates Due To Head ✅ Ability to Withstand Extreme Heat



The Manufacturer of Shine Armor

If you would like to know more about the product or order it directly from the manufacturer :

Manufacturer’s contact information

Shine Products LLC 8600 Long leaf Dr. Parkland FL, 33076 for any information or online order
>> https://www.getshinearmor.com/ <<