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Where are the HetM brand clothes made?

HetM is a major clothing brand that offers ready-to-wear to consumers. Known throughout the world, this Swedish brand was launched in 1947. Its main asset is that it makes practical and accessible clothing for the most modest budgets (which is still fast fashion). For several years, it has enjoyed great renown in Europe and the rest of the world. Where does HetM make its clothes ?

Where is HetM’s clothing produced?

It is a big company, but it does not have a factory for the production of its various articles. This brand sources practically all of its clothing from at least 900 independent suppliers and mainly from Europe and Asia. Hennes and Mauritz outsources around 80% of their production in Asia and everything else in Europe and in Africa. But all the design of the designs is made in Sweden. It is for the sake of traceability that this information is on the brand’s website.

A HetM store
A HetM store

Most often, trendy items with a short delivery time are made in Europe. As for traditional items with a long delivery time, they are made in Asia. For several years, this company has made public the names and addresses of its various traders on its website.

These distributors are responsible for the supply of fabrics and other components necessary to manufacture clothes. All of these retailers’ factories are vetted by the brand to ensure they adhere to the company’s code of conduct.

All about HetM

It is also a clothing chain and several ready-to-wear stores. You can find women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, beauty products and accessories. It was created by Erling Persson in the years 1947, it is a swedish brand of which the head office is in Stockholm.

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It does not own a factory and works with 1,900 factories worldwide. This brand employs 2,000 people in its 19 production offices, located in its source markets. In order to improve working conditions, it has signed partnerships with:

  • The International Labor Organization (ILO),
  • Better Work,
  • AIDS (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency),
  • International and local unions.

HetM does not conceive of breaches of contract in the event of pregnancy, whatever the circumstances. Because before any commitment with a merchant, the brand has a document called Sustainability Commitment signed. All this to be sure that each supplier will respect this commitment and ensure this strictly.

Regarding fixed-term employment contracts, HetM raised the issue and encouraged wider collaboration within the industry. HetM has put in place even stricter requirements for its refuellers to ensure the transition from fixed-term contracts to open-ended contracts. To improve the protection of employees in the factories of suppliers, HetM requires that workers who have worked for more than two years be requalified on a permanent employment contract.

HetM advocates transparency in its production chain and has made available to consumers the complete list of its suppliers.