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When should you change your electric toothbrush?

Indeed, it is imperative to brush your teeth regularly to preserve the hygiene of the mouth and eliminate dental plaque. Brushing your teeth is to protect gum health and prevent periodontal disease. If the use of manual toothbrushes tends to weaken, toothbrush manufacturers have created a revolutionary model thanks to new technology: them electric toothbrushes.

the tooth brushing with electric toothbrushes is recommended by dentists. This device guarantees better oral hygiene and thus prevents periodontal diseases. At the same time, dentists insist on the need to regularly change the toothbrushes to effectively remove dental plaque.

Why brush teeth with an electric toothbrush?

Using an electric toothbrush is strongly recommended, especially by dentists. Compared to manual toothbrushes, the electric toothbrush is more efficient and more convenient to use.

Visible all over the world and available on the market; and since 1959, electric toothbrushes have several advantages in their use. They prevent periodontal diseases while taking care of the gums. Electric toothbrushes help fight the spread of bacteria in the mouth; unlike manual toothbrushes which struggle to reach the interdental areas. Also, you must exert pressure to perform the brushing, rub each area well to ensure good brushing. This is not the case with electric toothbrushes.

Moreover, these types of toothbrushes are the best guarantors of the cleanliness of each tooth. They are precise compared to hand-operated toothbrushes. The brush head of this device manages to perform rotating movements, a very practical mechanism for cleaning the teeth, from the inside as well as from the outside. In general, this brush has a round shape and can easily access all surfaces of the tooth. Thanks to this movement, electric toothbrushes ensure the protection of the gums, improve oral hygiene and limit the spread of bacteria.

  little boy brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush

Why change an electric toothbrush?

Using a new toothbrush helps to better preserve the health of each tooth.

Electric or manual toothbrushes lose their effectiveness when worn out.

Poorly done brushing rhymes with the development of cavities. This is why it is necessary to change the brush head, even if it means changing the toothbrush when it begins to wear out. In this way, the spread of bacteria is limited. Electric toothbrushes, like manual toothbrushes, must be changed systematically. The reason is simple: residue and bacteria become encrusted between the bristles of the brush. This could cause the formation of periodontal disease, or promote the formation of cavities.

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Using a new toothbrush has a double advantage: you take care of your gums while taking care of your oral hygiene. Moreover, there are several models of electric toothbrushes on the market. They are published in several formats and presented at a low price.

How to recognize a damaged electric toothbrush?

Changing toothbrushes is more than recommended, it’s vital for the health of your teeth. The durability of a toothbrush and its bristles is approximately 90 days. This estimate is based on regular use of 3 brushes per day. Which means that we must change toothbrush four times a year if we want to preserve the health of our teeth.

However, you should buy a new electric toothbrush if you notice that:

  • The bristles of your toothbrush are crushed, which is synonymous with deterioration of the brush;
  • You brush regularly, yet your teeth are not smooth;
  • Periodontal diseases begin to make themselves felt due to deteriorated bristles;
  • The hairs change color.

You now know the advantages that this type of toothbrush can offer you, as well as the reasons why it is imperative to buy a new device. If any of these things start happening with your toothbrush, immediately buy a new product to brush your teeth.