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What width of stairs for a stairlift?

A stair lift is essential to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility in a dwelling. However, to install this device in a building, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the stairs. Discover here the ideal stair width for a successful installation of a stairlift.

Stairlift: the feasibility study

Installing a stair lift requires technical skills. Thus, it is not done without prior study. Before the equipment is installed, the installer must carry out a feasibility study. To this end, he takes the measurements of the stairs and assesses the Technical constraints. It also determines the model that would best suit the home. After which, he draws up an estimate. For more information, we invite you to discover this site.

In some companies like Royal Independenceyour estimate can combine the purchase price and that of the installation of equipment. You can request your free quote online. So, if you feel that the width of your staircase is too narrow for a stairlift installed, don’t panic. Wait for the feasibility study.

Stairlift: the minimum width of the stairs

Above all, remember that when the width of your staircase is large, the installation is easier to achieve. Generally, the device has a minimum width of 65 cm, regardless of the dimension of the stairs. But it can depend on things like:

  • The chosen brand
  • The configuration of the staircase,
  • The morphology of the person who will use the equipment…

Also, this dimension varies according to the stair size. For example, the professional can apply 65 cm for a straight stairlift. For a turning or curved stairlift, on the other hand the measurement varies between 71 cm to 75 cm.

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The shapes of stairs allowed for the installation of a stairlift

One of the strengths of a stair lift is its ability to adapt to all kinds of stairs. Indeed, whether your staircase is straight or curved, you can have the device easily installed.

A straight stairlift only requires the fixing a rail single in the wall or on the steps of the staircase. The rail must be cut according to the exact dimension of the staircase. It is a classic model that is less expensive.

On the contrary, a curved stairlift requires the rail to be connected to turns. Custom designed, this model of stairlift is more expensive. In addition, there is a stairlift whose characteristics differ from those mentioned above, but respects the same mode of installation. Its peculiarity is that it can withstand various weather conditions. This is also the reason why it is always installed outside.

Besides, you definitely need a good quality model at a better price. Royal Independence is the ideal partner who can help you find the right device for you. With its various stair lift models, adaptable to each house, it can satisfy all your needs. In addition, it ensures the installation of the device in your home.

Finally, whether your house is old or atypical or whether your stairs either with irregular steps, they can accommodate a stair lift. Note that there is not a standard or fixed measurement that must be respected in order to install this type of device.