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What type of wood to use for a wooden facade?

Choosing wood cladding for the facade of a house is a delicate operation. Between the aesthetic aspect, the choice of colors, the characteristics of the materials and the budget, it is indeed difficult to find a species of wood that corresponds to your desires. Here are some types of wood to make the cladding of a facade.

Hardwood facade cladding

Commonly called “tropical woods”, unlike “white woods” such as fir or pine, hardwood does not require any treatment. In addition, the latter resists perfectly to the alternation of rain, cold and heat. This type of wood can therefore be used for the cladding of a house facade located in areas where the climatic conditions are the harshest.

On the other hand, hardwood offers a aesthetic appearance and design on the facades, although it sometimes fades with time and lack of maintenance. Among the species of hardwood naturally suitable for facade cladding, it is possible to cite:

  • American cedar;
  • European oak;
  • padauk;
  • afromosia;
  • meranti;
  • the merbeau.

However, despite its many qualities, hardwood also has some weak points. In fact, it is a material particularly expensive. Moreover, the exploitation of this type of wood leads to deforestation and therefore to environmental issues.

wooden planks

Facade cladding in heated wood

Thermowood or, literally, “heated wood” is an essence obtained from a heating technique that allows extract moisture from wood. This process transforms the molecular structure of natural wood. The high temperature treatment of the latter makes it possible to obtain a material which has many advantages.

In fact, wood heated at high temperature perfectly resistant to mold and insects. On the other hand, it represents a weapon to fight putrefaction. In addition, the heated wood facade cladding offers a best quality price report compared to other types of wood such as the one mentioned above. The use of heated wood is also a more responsible gesture vis-à-vis the environment.

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On the other hand, this type of wood requires regular maintenance to maintain its qualities. Among the types of wood that can be treated at high temperature, there are fir, pine, poplar or even spruce.

The classic wooden facade cladding

The facade cladding can also be done with classic wood such as chestnut or white wood among others. For this, the material used must have a thickness between 15 and 18 cm if you want to get great results. The quality (effectiveness) of this type of wood is essentially based on the installation technique and not on the material itself.

For the operation to be successful, it is in fact necessary to provide sufficient space between the covering itself and the facade in order to ensure good ventilation. Among the classic wood species that can be used for the cladding of a house facade, figure Scots pine or maritime pine. On the other hand, to better withstand outdoor conditions, it is sometimes necessary for this type of wood to go through an autoclave treatment.