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What solutions to fight against hair loss?

Hair loss poses a problem of aesthetics, but also of physical and mental health. It is qualified by hair that breaks or is uprooted. Whether it is caused by illnesses, deficiencies or bad habits, it is possible to stop or slow it down.

How to stop hair loss?

Hair loss can be stopped by natural methods, care and a change of habits.

Improve your diet

To avoid hair loss, you must above all make sure that you do not have a dietary deficiency that could explain it. Indeed, to grow, your hair needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can therefore improve your nutrient intake by eating better and in a targeted way. To accelerate the necessary nutrient intake, you can also bet on food supplements against hair loss.

Eat more foods rich in zinc, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, vitamins C and D, amino acids and protein. You will find it in citrus fruits, avocado, eggs, salmon, oysters, etc.
Ask a nutritionist for advice on the best diet for your situation.

Make hair masks

Promoting the growth of your hair or preventing it from breaking can also be done by improving the quality and frequency of external care. So it is necessary to do more hair masks when you notice unusual hair breakage.

You can compose your own hair masks or buy them already prepared. For the first option, many compositions based on oils and foods are offered as tutorials on the internet.
For your homemade hair care preparations, we recommend using organic natural products and cold-pressed oils. They are much more effective and healthier for your health.

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Avoid hair-damaging products and habits

Hair loss can be caused by bad hair habits. It is therefore essential to change some of your habits if you have bad ones. You can already start by stopping all use of products that contain chemicals and compounds that are harmful to your hair. Also avoid exposing your hair to direct heat sources without prior protection.
Many other habits must also be changed to avoid hair loss. To do it better, it is necessary to know the causes of this problem in order to know the best attitudes to adopt.

What causes hair loss?

We all lose a reasonable amount of hair almost every day. We speak of hair loss when the amount of hair lost is greater than usual. This can be explained by several factors such as:

  • Nutritional deficiencies: like any other organ in our body, hair develops according to nutrient intake. They are therefore affected by an insufficient supply of nutrients;
  • Lack of care: if you leave your hair without any care, it can get damaged and fall out;
  • The use of harmful products: the use of bad hair products is also one of the main causes of hair loss;
  • Bad hairstyles: let’s count the protective hairstyles that are too tight or those that you wear for many months;
  • Certain treatments: Chemotherapy is very well known for causing hair loss to those who undergo this treatment, but there are several other treatments that promote hair loss:
  • Hormones, stress and aging: these are also factors that can promote hair loss.
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Finally, note that in some cases, hair loss cannot be stopped. It can be slowed down, but it will inevitably happen eventually.