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What is the interest of an interim mutual?

Like employees with a permanent contract, temporary workers are also entitled to a health supplement. Indeed, since January 1, 2016, employers must offer temporary workers the possibility of subscribing to temporary mutual insurance in order to benefit from full reimbursement of their health costs, including medical consultations and hospitalization costs. So how does the interim mutual exactly and how to subscribe? We tell you everything!

What is the interim mutual?

As indicated by his name, the interim mutual is a type of complementary health insurance offered to employees, temporary workers or trainees by temporary employment companies (ETT) and covers up to 50% of their contribution costs. Thus, the temporary mutual is part of the social security and is accessible from your first mission within the company for the management of routine care and with the possibility of benefiting from a 100% health basket, and this, in according to your needs and your general state of health.

However, it is possible to postpone your subscription to the interim health insurance fund if you are already covered by another mutual health insurance, if you benefit from a Complémentaire Santé Solidaire (CSS) or if you are on a professionalization contract.

What are the guarantees offered by the interim health insurance?

As a temporary employee, you have access to many options for guarantees offered by the interim mutual fund to cover your medical care. Thus, we find:

  • the essential drugs guarantee;
  • the guarantee of medical consultations, including those of specialist doctors;
  • the dental and optical care guarantee;
  • hospitalization cost cover;
  • hearing aid warranty.
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However, if the guarantees included in your interim mutual insurance contract do not suit you, you can always subscribe to another complementary health insurance.

What are the conditions for subscribing to the interim mutual fund?

Affiliation to the interim mutual fund becomes mandatory and automatic in the following cases:

  • you have accumulated more than 414 hours of work within your company during the last 12 months;
  • you are the holder of an interim permanent contract (CDI);
  • your contract lasted 3 months or more as part of a professional mission.

What is the cost of an interim health insurance?

The contribution costs for an interim mutual fund are generally set at €0.0599 per hour paid, but these rates may vary slightly depending on the insurer and your level of guarantee.

Members who wish to have their loved ones benefit from this complementary health insurance must pay €38.27 per year in addition to the costs of the compulsory basic guarantee.

How to find a temporary health insurance?

In the event that the interim mutual insurance proposed by your company does not correspond to your needs, it is always possible to opt for other complementary health insurance, and this, by comparing between several different offers thanks to an online insurance comparator. . Indeed, this tool allows you to make free quotes and offers you many insurers specializing in medical coverage to find the rates that suit you the most.