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What is the best mutual insurance for seniors to choose?

From a certain age, choose health insurance becomes a little difficult, because we have more expenses to do. Thus, seniors always want to find the best mutual since they tend to have more health costs. So, how to find a mutual adapted to multiple senior health care costs ?

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What is the best insurance for seniors?

We present below some mutual insurance for seniors to choose without hesitation:

Matmut mutual insurance for seniors

The Matmut offers several protective guarantees that adapt to the needs of each client. One of the guarantees offered by Matmut is Ociane Santé Evolution 4. It allows seniors to benefit from full reimbursement of glasses and 100% Health Class A equipment. It also covers other services, such as teleconsultation , online health coaching, etc.

The MAAF mutual fund for seniors

Thanks to the Vivazen ​​contract offered by the MAAF, it is possible to benefit from personalized guarantees. Seniors can choose between 5 reimbursement levels for:

  • Guarantees of care and consultations;
  • Hospitalization guarantees;
  • Guarantees related to optical care;
  • Guarantees of dental care.

Mutual insurance for MMA seniors

As for the mutual MMA, it offers 4 formulas with guarantees that concern major expenses with around 150 euros per day. With regard to dental and optical care, MMA offers several formulas according to the needs and budget of its customers.

Tips for choosing the best insurance for seniors

In order to choose the best insurance for seniors, it is advisable to follow some tips. First, it is necessary to be attentive, to regularly consult a doctor and to pay attention to the social security reimbursement base. It is also advisable to opt for a guarantee of reimbursement of hospitalization costs and the flat rate of a single room in the hospital.

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You also have to opt for a money-back guarantee. optical care that touches the lenses and the frame. Indeed, a senior person tends to have a view that gradually decreases, and care is generally very expensive. A guarantee that allows you to reimburse dental costs is also necessary since the care and prostheses of an elderly person require a lot of expense. This guarantee is therefore interesting, and it is especially important to check whether it includes implants, crowns, etc. Finally, paramedical care are also important since seniors often need a physiotherapist, a nurse, a caregiver…

It is necessary to check the number of sessions to which you are entitled per year, as well as the ceiling of the amount of reimbursement per each session. The majority of mutuals generally offer responsible and solidary contracts. These are contracts that have very large repayments.