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What is the best changing table?

The changing table is one of the essential pieces of furniture for a baby’s room. But not easy to know which one to choose, given the multitude of models offered on the market. What is the best changing table? Zoom on 5 changing table models that are really worth the detour.

Best changing table: 5 models that are practical for parents and safe for babies

Wall-mounted changing table – Badabulle

This is a model dedicated to tight spaces. And for good reason, the changing table here is mural. Thanks to the two hinges and the piston with which it is equipped, it is possible to change baby in complete safety. Easy to handle, this equipment opens and closes in the blink of an eye, with just one hand. With a thickness of only 13 cm and a weight of less than 10 kg, it wants to be compact and light. This is why, moreover, it is suitable for small surfaces!

In addition, the wall-mounted changing table proposed by Badabulle includes a storage shelf. It allows you to have everything you need close at hand, and therefore by extension, to keep the changing area clean, effortlessly. As a bonus, it has a comfortable and easily washable changing mat, in case of minor accidents. Good to know: this baby equipment is guaranteed for life.

Good points :

  • Compact changing table: it is ideal for small spaces;
  • Presence of a storage shelf;
  • Simple to install.

Negative points :

  • Does not support a load greater than 11 kg: it is therefore suitable for children aged 0 to 2 years.
mom who uses the best changing table to change baby

White Changing Dresser – Infantastic

Very practical, the Infantastic changing table offers enough space so that all baby care accessories are stored within easy reach. It has a fixed changing table as well as two spacious drawers and three open compartments. On the dimensions side, this baby equipment measures 93.5 x 50 x 88cm.

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Unfortunately, the changing dresser shown here does not come with a mattress. It is also good to note that the mattress should not measure more than 93.5 x 50cm to be compatible with the changing table. Finally, concerning the height of the dresser, it is 78.5 cm. It is therefore high enough not to have to bend over when changing baby.

Good points :

  • Presence of compartments and drawers;
  • Fairly easy assembly.
  • Maximum load of 15 kg: the changing table is therefore suitable for children aged 0-3 years.

Negative points :

Changing shelf – Geuther

The changing table proposed by Geuther is a real space saving to change baby. Very compact, this equipment nevertheless offers enough space to take care of the child. Two spacious shelves with spacers around the perimeter are located under the changing surface, allowing you to store all the accessories you need to change baby. The changing table from Geuther is particularly high-quality.

The varnishes, films and fabrics used in the design are, in fact, saliva resistant and sweaty. In addition, none of the materials contain substances harmful to babies.

Both stable and mobile, this baby furniture is equipped with four locking castors. It can therefore be moved easily. In addition, all corners and edges of the table are rounded to ensure baby’s safety. As for the dimensions, this changing shelf has a width of 86 cm and a height of 86 cmthus reducing the risk of back pain.

Good points :

  • Compact and mobile changing table
  • Has locking castors;
  • Storage spaces.

Negative points :

  • Small and expensive model.
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Changing table 2 in 1 – Safety 1st

It is a 2 in 1 model, which can also be used as a simple changing table that of bathtub. Very practical and ergonomic, this baby equipment has plenty of storage, including four compartments with towel hooks, three storage boxes and a large storage shelf. Easy to move, it comes with four castors with brake.

In addition, the Safety 1st brand changing table has a comfortable and removable changing mat so that you can access the bathtub from above. Reliable and safe, it offers great stability for optimum safety. Note that it can be used from birth and up to 11 kg.

Good points :

  • 2-in-1 model: changing table and bathtub;
  • Presence of wheels with brake;
  • Plenty of storage;
  • Optimal height for the back;
  • Good value for money.

Negative points :

  • Difficulty emptying the bathtub without flooding everything.

Changing table 2 in 1 – Lionelo

Again, this is a 2-in-1 changing table, but it does not perform the same functions as the previous model. Indeed, the changing table here can not only be used as a changing tablebut also as baby cot. To begin with, this equipment has a side entry with zippers. A breathable mesh is on the longer sides of the cot. It thus ensures optimal air circulation while allowing you to keep an eye on the child. In addition, the bed part is provided with a soft mat made of high quality foam with high elasticity and resistance. Note that this equipment has two levels of mattress heightallowing you to take care of baby in complete safety, without hurting your back.

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Regarding the changing table part, it is modular. Several storage spaces, also modular, are also supplied with the product. All in practicality, the 2-in-1 changing table from the Lionelo brand has small wheels and can therefore be moved easily. It can also be transported since it is removable and can be stored in the supplied bag.

Good points :

  • 2-in-1 model: changing table and cot;
  • Presence of wheels;
  • Foldable and portable;
  • 2 levels of mattress height.

Negative points :

  • Changing table quite heavy and bulky.
two colorful reusable baby diapers

Finally, what is the best changing table?

The changing table is an important piece of furniture that is one of the purchases to be made before the baby is born. It is therefore essential to choose a quality model. Among the models presented in this article, two of them particularly caught the attention of the Ma Maison Ma Santé team, namely: the 2-in-1 changing table from Safety 1st and the changing shelf from Geuther. They are two models, certainly very different, but which have an excellent quality-price ratio.

Take care of yourself and baby;