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What is a metal facade?

Surely you have noticed a multitude of modern houses that had a metal facade. These facades are aesthetic and bring a very beautiful rendering, which will completely transform your home.

But let’s learn a little more about metal facades in our article.

What is a metal facade?

metal facades have an initial nature of coating, that is to say that the metal facade will cover what already exists below, thus, the roofer is appointed for this job. The facade will in fact act as a second skin for your premises, but also your house, or your building.

But you should know that the metal facade, also called metal cladding, will act not only as insulationbut also as protection and decoration.

But the metal facade will require maintenance that you should not neglect, because the behavior of the facade will have to be checked so that it can do its job of resistance to all climatic and weather tests.

metal facades at the beginning belonged to the industrial environment, before making their appearance in the private environment. These metal facades could make it possible to protect the production stocks of the factories.

In fact, instead of insulating from the inside, the opposite is happening since the metal facade goes insulate the building or the house from the outside.

There are single skin metal facades, but also double skin.

We speak of single skin when the facade is installed without insulation, the double skin facade will be made up of three components, namely:

  • The tray ;
  • Insulation;
  • And finally, the finish.
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The industrial environment uses permanent facades which have a role in the economy of the project, but also in performance of energy value, this is what is called smart skin.

The metal front can be aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.

stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, but it is also malleable, in order to give it several shapes, but it can be perforated and modeled.

non-stainless steel is also prized for its architectural material for metal facades.

Why choose the metal facade?

The facade is the first thing you notice on a house or a building, it is quite normal for it to be attractive, aesthetic. And it is precisely the latter who is one of the first advantages of the metal facadebut also :

  • The facade can be made of sheet metal in multiple materials.
  • The panels can have various geometric shapes, but also various sizes.
  • They can have various textures, such as smooth, grainy, etc.
  • You can choose a metal front in the color you like.
  • But also have plays of shadows and light.

Aesthetics play a big role in the metal facade, so your facade will have changed completely and will be stylish.

She is resistant to various weather conditions and to temperature variations, the building or house will not absorb humidity because the internal structure is protected. The metal facade does not need to be maintained all the time, but must be checked sometimes.

If you use the double-skin metal facade, you can benefit from thermal and sound insulation.

How much does the installation of a metal facade cost?

Installing a simple metal facade will cost between 25 and 60 euros per m².

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But it may vary, because it will be necessary to take into account:

  • The configuration of your home, building or premises;
  • But also the type of facade and its cladding (single skin and double skin);
  • The pose ;
  • The place of your residence.

The double-skin metal facade will cost you more than a single skin facade, moreover, the insulation is better. The installation of the facade, whether vertical or horizontal, will influence your price. And finally, your location is important, because each region has its own rates when it comes to construction.

We advise you to get an estimate from the metalworker or the roofer that you have chosen, the one will take into account all the criteria mentioned before giving you the quote.

You could find metal facade companies on the Internet. Because redoing an entire facade will require a lot of resources, especially if your house is high or multi-storey. The company is the most concerned, the work will be done more quickly with several people. Compare prices from various companies before choosing yours.