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What are the tools of a clairvoyant by telephone?

Clairvoyance by telephone is an esoteric divinatory art that is practiced remotely. It allows the sighted person to predict the events in the life of the one who consults it. It allows you to answer several existential questions and gives an overview of the events that occur daily. Would you like to have an idea of ​​the tools necessary for a successful clairvoyance by telephone? Read !

communication accessories

You will need a cellphone to ensure a good quality of communication during a telephone clairvoyance. It is undoubtedly the basic tool required to practice this divinatory art. It allows you to make calls with customers. You must also have equipment for the real-time supervision of your communications in progress.

You also need recorders in order to keep your conversations to, subsequently, control the quality of the services. This tool will help in a continuous process of improving your services. You also need tools coupled with your telephony to properly manage your communications.

Tarot cards

One of the indispensable materials of a clairvoyant by telephone is the tarot deck. It is a leading working tool for clairvoyance professionals. The tarots are strongly used by the tarologists as well as the cartomancers. It is a set of cards drawn and interpreted by the specialist.

They make it possible to know more about the future of the consultant and to make suggestions to him. The tarot deck is available in a diversity of versions. However, these are all subject to the same use with a few differences. For remote clairvoyance, tarot cards are essential accessories that the clairvoyant must have.

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crystal balls

To make a success of a clairvoyance by telephone, the crystal ball is one tools you need. It is very well known in the world of divinatory art and represents an emblematic object. The crystal ball is the basis of crystallomancy, a full-fledged science of divination.

The use of this tool allows the medium to stimulate his subconscious every time when he uses it. A special link must therefore necessarily exist between the crystal ball and its user. This is the basis of the results that it is able to obtain. To use the crystal ball requires much more knowledge.

Beyond a simple handling, this tool must be compatible with its user for a better result. This is undoubtedly what makes her a rather complex object to be used in the divinatory art.

ink stains

The ink stains are essential tools for clairvoyance by telephone. They make it possible to carry out a kind of forecast centered on the reading of the figures and are also known under the name of encromancy. These are left by ink stains interpreted by the medium.

This tool allows the clairvoyant to collect information from her client. It consists of leaving stains on a White paper for possible interpretation. The figures left during the phone call with the client on the paper are carefully analyzed.

The divinatory pendulum

The divinatory pendulum is a tool widely used in clairvoyance by telephone. It is an object of dowsing whose purpose is to feel and interpret waves and energies. The divinatory pendulum makes it possible to carry out an analysis of the situations whether it is on the visible or invisible level.

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This tool has some specificities, which makes it particularly complex. To use this object and get the most out of it, you must show a perfect control. You have to know the different facets of clairvoyance and excel in the use of the crystal ball.

The needles

They are used in the context of clairvoyance by telephone. These tools are highly appreciated by acutomancy and allow the clairvoyant to display her eruditions in the art of divination. The use of pins and needles is very popular during telephone consultations. These objects are thrown at random by the medium and take different forms.

It is the latter that are subject to interpretation and help the clairvoyant to have an idea of ​​what answer given to her client. Needles and pins give a variety of geometric shapes with specific meanings. For this purpose, when a star appears that announces the beginning of a period of luck to the consultant.

Also, when thrown objects give shapes parallels, this supposes that a rupture is envisaged. This can be either harsh or beneficial to the client. Needles help clairvoyants to be accurate in their prediction.

Coffee grounds, salt and fire

the coffee grounds can be used during a clairvoyance session by telephone. This technique is known in the world of divination under the name cafédomancy. It allows the seer to interpret the figures left by the coffee grounds during the telephone exchange. It is used to predict the future and to find answers that the consultant seeks.

the salt meanwhile is used in two different ways during a clairvoyance by telephone. The first is to place a handful of salt on a flat surface to interpret its shapes. The second is used with the fire and aims at the interpretation of the crackles emitted. A loud noise implies a negative desired response and vice versa.

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