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What are the most popular diet programs?

Beyond obtaining a more refined silhouette, following a slimming plan offers a multitude of advantages. In particular, you can learn to vary your meals more or to concoct gourmet, but dietetic dishes. Several programs are offered by nutrition specialists. What are the most popular?

The Brigade program

With customers located all over France, La Brigade is unquestionably the best-known nutritional program in France. Intended for people wishing to eat healthy and balanced, this diet plan offers made-to-measure menus. This gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself without fear of possible weight gain. More concretely, the La Brigade dietary program gives you free access to a nutritional plan lasting more than two months.

Better still, these professionals provide you with more than a hundred gourmet and healthy recipes. Depending on your preference, you can cook them yourself or opt for delivery to the location of your choice. Whatever you decide, you’ll be assured of getting the proper caloric intake for your well-being.

A dietitian

The Chief Program

Also highly acclaimed in France, the Cheef program seduces with its many advantages. Validated by a 2-star chef, this nutritional plan offers you all the dietary guarantees for your health. Already, you should know that the menus offered to customers are of excellent quality and rated A or B on the nutriscore. You can treat yourself with 100% organic dishes, from breakfast to dinner.

In addition, this plan guarantees you a personalized follow-up according to your expectations. For a slimming goal, for example, you are accompanied by a professional throughout the process. The latter guides and supports you during your journey towards a truly balanced diet.

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The Dietbon slimming plan

Backed by ten years of experience, the Dietbon slimming program offers its customers incomparable know-how. In addition, the many positive results obtained over the years have made these professionals now essential. Far from being a coincidence, this success can be explained by the quality and flavor of the meals offered.

100% natural origin, the menus are designed to adapt to all your requirements. Whether you have allergies or any other food intolerance, the slimming recipes on offer will undeniably make you happy. Very effective, the monitoring mode set up by Dietbon does not leave you indifferent. For example, you benefit from monthly teleconsultation sessions with a dietitian as well as weekly dietary discussions.

The Foodspring program

Thanks to its menus with high quality ingredients, Foodspring has been able to stand out from its competitors. Indeed, the wide variety of dishes offered is made with components that come entirely from organic farming. Note that these dishes are rich enough in protein to provide you with the energy you need for your day.

In order to support their slimming effort, the Foodspring program provides its customers, carefully selected vitamins and food supplements. This further helps provide you with the nutrients needed to achieve your wellness goals. However, it is important to note that this program contains a single downside. Unfortunately, it does not offer personalized support.