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What are the compulsory guarantees of home insurance?

Subscribing to home insurance allows you to be protected from the various dangers to which your property is subject. The principle is to be compensated by your insurer when you suffer a certain amount of damage. Before choosing the right provider, it is recommended to take a look at the guarantees offered by the latter. What are the mandatory coverages of this type of contract? Focus.

“Property damage” cover under home insurance

“Property damage” guarantees are part of compulsory coverage present in a home insurance contract. Generally it includes water damage guarantee, fire guarantee, glass breakage guarantee, theft guarantee or even natural disaster guarantee.

Water damage warranty

It allows the insurer to cover all damages occurring as a result water damage in your home (water leaks, overflows, pipe breaks, etc.). The water damage guarantee also covers possible damage that may appear at the neighbors’ premises and which are due to this same water damage.

The fire guarantee

Included in multi-risk home insurance, fire cover protects your home and your personal property against damage caused by fire and smoke. Whether you are the victim of a fire in your home, a combustion or a conflagration, you will therefore be compensated.

Glass breakage guarantee

Also called glass breakage coverage, this coverage mainly targets the glass elements of your home that form physical separation from the outside. The glass breakage guarantee thus concerns the glass parts of the doors, the glass parts of the furniture, the windows, the bay windows, the glass walls of the terraces and balconies, etc.

The flight guarantee

The multi-risk home guarantee also takes into account the direct consequences of a theft or burglary occurring in your home through the theft guarantee. On the other hand, the insurer may ask the insured for certain conditions before compensating him. These include in particular provide proof of theft or burglary (climbing the wall, violence, burglary, use of false keys, etc.).

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The “natural disasters” guarantee

This guarantee is also part of the compulsory cover present in multi-risk home insurance. It covers exceptional events such as droughts, floods, avalanches, mudslides, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis that could affect your home. The guarantee for natural disasters also covers damage caused by landslides and weakening of the ground.

Attack cover

Compulsory since 1986, the cover for attacks is also known as cover for “attacks and acts of terrorism”. As its name suggests, this warranty covers your property against damage caused by an attack, a riot, a sabotage or an act of terrorism. On the other hand, the damage caused by a popular movement is also covered by the guarantee attacks.

home insurance liability cover

Home insurance brings together different civil liability guarantees, namely the owner’s civil liability guarantee and the private life civil liability. They make it possible to cover any damage that may be caused to others under certain circumstances.

Owner’s civil liability insurance

The owner’s civil liability guarantee is generally recommended for owners of rental properties. Indeed, they are held responsible for the damage caused to their tenants, when the latter come from a lack of building maintenance or a construction error for example. Thanks to the owner’s civil liability guarantee, the damage for which the owners may be responsible are covered by the insurer. Residents of the building can be reimbursed in case of damage.

Personal liability cover

Generally included in MRH multi-risk home insurance, private life civil liability coverage provides protection against damage that may be accidentally caused to others in everyday life. Thus, through this cover, the insurance company takes the place of the insured and his relatives in order to ensure the compensation of the persons affected by the damage. It is also necessary to remember that the private life civil liability guarantee only covers a certain threshold of the amount of the damage caused to others.

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