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What activities to help a shy child?

Shyness is a behavior that results in a gene experienced outside of a familiar setting. It is very often observed in young children who find it difficult to interact with guests or their peers. It is therefore important to help them get through this situation in order to ensure their full development. Discover the activities to do to help your child overcome his shyness.


Theater is a way to help your child overcome his shyness for two reasons. He first allows him to put yourself in the shoes of several characters and speak on their behalf. This allows him to stimulate his imagination and find your true personality. He will quickly notice the character that is easier for him to play and will seek to be like the latter in real life.

Secondly, the theater allows the child to belong to a group and to work in a team. This condition will help him interact with others and come out of his shell. He will gradually gain self-confidence.

Team sports

Team sports are recommended because of the possibility they offer the child to belong to a group. Whether in football, basketball, volleyball or even handball, they allow him to rub shoulders with his peers and make friends. Together, they will live the victories as well as the defeats. The shy child feel less bad about failure.

A child is playing football

At the same time, he learns to to express one’s emotions instead of keeping them to himself. He will find it easier to talk about his anxieties before a match because he will also see them in his peers. In the same way, the feeling of satisfaction will be shared with his team after a victory.

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Shyness is a temperament that hides enough feelings like stress, fear and even lack of self-esteem. A bad management of all these emotions accentuates the behavior of the shy child and makes it in certain cases very closed. This is why Yoga is recognized as one of the most effective activities for get rid of all that anxiety.

For this purpose, there are several establishments that organize yoga sessions for children. They take place in the form of games to initiate them without boring them. The yoga practiced in this environment also allows the child to meet other young people like him and to build healthy relationships.

Martial arts

Martial arts are recommended to evacuate shyness because of their teaching in defense technique. The child therefore gradually builds self-confidence. They also allow him to meet other children of his age and to work with them. This allows the shy child to assert themselves. It is up to you as parents to let your offspring join a club of their choice so that they can evolve more quickly.

Apart from these aspects, martial arts promote thediscipline learning. The shy young person thus learns to obey and other rules of etiquette. The ideal is to always seek to encourage your child in the event of defeat or success. You lead him to build great self-confidence.

The horse riding

Horseback riding is an activity that requires the child to give orders to his animal and guide it. Long before that, the latter will have to face the fear of riding. All this helps to increase his self-confidence. The shy young person also develops sense of responsibility. He will have to maintain his horse and forge an emotional bond with him. It is in this that he will be able to take initiatives to take care of others and overcome his shyness.

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Beyond all its advantages, horseback riding remains, to say the least a bit lonely. It would therefore be necessary associate it with other activities to be done in a group to help the child open up more to others.

The shyness of the child is a temperament that can be understood at given times. However, this should not slow him down in his full development. This is why it is recommended first to avoid shyness in his presence and rather to bring him to practice activities that could help him.