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Complete Analysis of VirilBlue


Product Name : VirilBlue

Brand: VirilBlue

Responsible: Urbidia SA

Website: mwt.tv

French language

Pitch: Sexual stimulant.

Price: €74.90

Format: Box of 30 pills + Penis ring

Free delivery

Warranty: 14 days (100% refund if not satisfied)

Description from VirilBlue:

“VirilBlue” is a food supplement in favor of male virility specially designed for men who have difficulty having a satisfying and dynamic intimate life.

Evaluation from VirilBlue:

“VirilBlue” is a product formulated for men wishing to have a fulfilling intimate life.

This is a pack designed to provide good tone and much more ardor and sexual vigor!

Born from an innovative formula, the product is accessible without a medical prescription and is easy to use.

Let’s see together what it is and whether the dietary supplement really keeps all its promises.

The food supplement “VirilBlue”

Stress, poor diet, alcohol, health problem… all of this has an impact on male sexual performance and tends to harm virility. The “VirilBlue” pack (supplement + cockring) is an effective solution for regaining true virility and improving the quality of sexual intercourse!

Presented in the form of blue tablets, it is a food supplement born from an original formula that is made with natural products. The formula that composes it contains only ingredients known and used for centuries to treat, relieve and improve male sexuality. Manufactured to the highest standards of hygiene and safety, each ingredient is carefully selected from quality suppliers.

This sexual stimulant has been specially designed to help men who encounter some small difficulties to have a satisfying and dynamic intimate life. Combined with the action of the silicone penis ring included in the pack, this sexual booster is a major ally in the fight against erection problems.

How “VirilBlue” works

According to the manufacturer, “VirilBlue” is a powerful dietary supplement that can act quickly. It has the power to boost libido and provide men with maximum vitality, which optimizes their sexual performance.

Thanks to the beneficial effects of the ingredients that make up “VirilBlue” and the action of the “VirilRing”, users will be able to have a quality erection. They will also be safe from premature ejaculation problems. It must be emphasized that the use of the penis ring is a means of having extremely powerful erections and also of prolonging ejaculation.

In other words, these blue pills used with the penis ring will make sex last and put an end to erectile dysfunction. This solution is an ideal pack to boost male virility. It helps to stimulate self-confidence and offers men the privilege of having a more fun and fulfilling dynamic intimate life.

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The components of “VirilBlue”

To create “VirilBlue”, the manufacturer opted for 100% natural components. These are ingredients chosen for their beneficial actions on male sexual health.


Also called ‘the Inca sex plant’, Peruvian Maca is on the ingredient list of this sexual enhancer for men. It is renowned for its ability to increase fertility and stimulate sexual activity.

This plant of Peruvian origin is indeed rich in amino acids and bioactive substances, elements that promote the secretion of testosterone. It can help increase sexual desire and sensations.


Ginger and its aphrodisiac properties are well known. It is therefore not surprising that it enters into the manufacture of the product. This plant has vasodilating properties. In other words, it can improve blood circulation to the male genitalia, which guarantees an optimal erection.


This pill designed to improve the sexual life of men also contains extracts of Tribulus or Tribulus terrestris. It is a recognizable plant with its magnificent yellow-toned flowers. It produces fruits rich in saponins, alkaloids and polyphenols. These molecules have been recognized and used for millennia to boost men’s libido and sexual capacity.


Arginine or L-arginine is an effective amino acid to fight against sexual dysfunctions. According to scientific studies, it contributes to the swelling and hardening of the sexual organs by optimizing blood flow. This amino acid also has the power to enhance muscle function. Thus, it can increase the virility and sexual potency of men.


Considered an amino acid, taurine is used in the manufacture of several food supplements. It is also one of the ingredients of “virilblue”. According to scientific studies, a Taurine supplement can stimulate the production of testosterone and strengthen the sexual functions of men.


Zinc is a trace element with multiple benefits. Apart from being an excellent antioxidant, it also helps regulate testosterone levels in the blood. Maintained at a normal level, this sex hormone promotes fertility and optimizes sexual desire.

Vitamin B6

This well-known element completes the list of active ingredients present in each blue pill of “VirilBlue”. It is one of the nutrients capable of boosting sexuality by acting positively on the nervous system. In fact, vitamin B6 helps reduce fatigue and improves hormonal activity. It is therefore an important source of well-being and vitality.

Complete list of ingredients:

bulking agent (cellulose, calcium carbonate) – maca root powder (Lepidium meyenii walpers) – dry extract of tribulus (Tribulus terrestris L.) – L-arginine hydrochloride – film-coating agent (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, glycerin, talc , miglyol, calcium carbonate, brilliant blue lake, indigocarmine lake) – zinc citrate – taurine – dry extract of ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) – anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate) – pyridoxine hydrochloride.

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“Viril Blue”: Dosage and Performance

How to use

How to take advantage of all the benefits of “VirilBlue”?

The mode of use is visible on the packaging. It should be noted that this dietary supplement is available in the form of blue tablets.

The advice for use is to swallow the tablets with a large glass of water. The daily recommendation is one tablet per day and it is strictly forbidden to exceed the daily dose.

For enhanced stimulation, it is advisable to take the dietary supplement 30 minutes to one hour before sexual intercourse.


What about the performances obtained with “Virilblue”?

Once the pill is ingested, the active ingredients act quickly. Thus, consumers can enjoy their beneficial effects almost instantly (+/-30 minutes). Moreover, they are durable. That said, in cases of erectile dysfunction, follow-up treatment for 1 to several months is recommended.

The food supplement “VirilBlue” is to be used with the penis ring “VirilRing”. The accessory is to be placed at the base of the penis during the sexual act and optimizes the effects of the tablet. Thanks to this, you should notice significant results from the first intake. And, over time, your sexual desire and stamina will be stronger, your erections harder and bigger, and your pleasure much more intense!

Advantages :

“VirilBlue” is a safe and reliable product, made with natural products. It has no known side effects. In addition, it is suitable for men of all ages, especially those who have erection problems.

According to the manufacturer, the product is 100% effective. Many users have testified to the effectiveness of this virility-boosting sexual stimulation pack. Apparently, this dietary supplement allows men to have an explosive libido, a solid, strong and long-lasting erection and great vitality. It also guarantees powerful orgasms, which optimizes pleasure in bed.

“VirilBlue” is freely available without a prescription and is offered with a ‘satisfied or refunded’ guarantee (14 days).

Further information :

ManlyBlue“VirilBlue” is only available on the manufacturer’s official website. Simply complete the order form available online to make the purchase. The payment system is secured by data encryption using the SSL Protocol.

It should be noted that the offer available to you at the time of purchase includes an additional free box of 30 pills, a silicone penis ring (VirilRing) and free access to an external service for 2 weeks.

Delivery is free and carried out in a discreet package. It is shipped within 72 working hours after payment via a private service provider.

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Customer support can be reached by telephone on +33 (0)4 85 20 05 17 or by e-mail via customer@vitaboutik.com.

Disadvantages from VirilBlue:

“VirilBlue” is not a magical sexual enhancer. To work optimally, it should be used as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Attention :

Unable to find the name of the laboratories that manufacture the product!

The satisfaction guarantee is neither more nor less than a 14-day right of withdrawal!

Some cure-type offers involve automatic reordering! In this case, to stop the automatic debits, you will need to make a request to interrupt scheduled mailings via customer support.

Some discovery offers for external services are offered at the time of ordering. These offers are offered with a limited free period. They are then invoiced to you automatically until cancellation of the subscription!

Precautions for use

Reserved for adult men only.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Do not consume if you are allergic to any component of the product.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Keep out of reach of children.


The manufacturer would like to remind users that “VirilBlue” is not a medicine. Despite its beneficial effects on virility, it does not treat or prevent disease. This is why it is issued without a medical prescription. Thus, if you suffer from any pathology, it is important to consult a specialist.

People who are ill or undergoing medical treatment should consult their doctor before consuming this sexual enhancement supplement.

Side effects

“VirilBlue” is a 100% natural food supplement. Thus, it should have no side effects. However, in order to avoid any problems, the prescribed dose should not be exceeded. The excess of ingredients that make up the product could indeed have harmful impacts on health.

Reputation from VirilBlue:

The testimonials are mixed but it seems that overall, it is still the positive that prevails. The reputation of VirilBlue is therefore, at the time of writing these few lines, rather good.

Conclusion for VirilBlue:

It seems that “VirilBlue” can be, according to the testimonies of users, an effective solution capable of offering a boost of virility to men who experience a slight weakness during sexual intercourse!

But, despite the fact that this sexual stimulant could well be an effective solution, the disadvantages cited above (questionable guarantee and hidden subscription) prevent us from recommending this product!

So here, for those looking for an alternative that holds up, is an effective male performance enhancer that has already proven itself!

Last update: May 19, 2022.