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victoza-liraglutide-injectionVICTOZA against diabetes, it’s obvious. But to lose weight!

We have investigated the true indications of this drug to allow you safe and risk-free use.
We tell you why Victoza is used to treat type 2 diabetes and not as a diet pill.

If you are already on Victoza to lose weight, STOP now and read this article, you are interested!

Victoza, a effective drug against type 2 diabetes

pen-victozaThis type 2 diabetes drug has an excellent reputation among products prescribed for this purpose.
It is manufactured by the Danish laboratory Novo Nordisk, which is a world leader in the field of products against diabetes.

Victoza inaugurates the advent of a new generation of injectable drugs used in combination with insulin or with other oral anti-diabetics when these treatments have insufficient or limited impact.
In other words, thanks to the addition of Victoza, traditional treatments against type 2 diabetes gain enormously in effectiveness.

How to acknowledge type 2 diabetes

Also called fatty diabetes, this type of diabetes is quite common in adults. It often occurs in obese people or appears with age; as opposed to type 1 diabetes, classified as an autoimmune disease that usually occurs during childhood.
Type 2 diabetes is characterized by resistance to the effect of insulin on regulating blood sugar levels, which become abnormally high and subsequently cause chronic hyperglycemia.
This situation can lead over time to even more serious complications, especially at the level of the blood vessels, the heart, the kidneys as well as at the level of the sensitivity of the lower limbs of the body…

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There is a genetic predisposition to develop this type of diabetes, but it is mainly environmental factors and everyday lifestyle that justify its appearance in certain people in particular and not in everyone.

The most important factors that cause this type of diabetes are obesity, overweight and the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, which develops a natural resistance to insulin.

How does theinsulin?

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. Its role is to transport sugar to the cells to be used as combustible fuel and to allow the production of the energy that the body will need for its normal functioning.

The target cells of glucose are essentially located in the liver and muscles: we now understand better the essential role of insulin in cellular metabolism and in energy production.

insulin and diabetes type 2

In people who are prone to type 2 diabetes because of their overweight, 2 phenomena are observed:

  • Insulin resistance, i.e. liver and muscle cells become insensitive to the effect of insulin, causing the pancreas to produce proportionally more insulin to overcome the effect of this resistance.
  • An exhaustion of the pancreas over time which, by dint of producing an increasingly large quantity of insulin, reaches its limits and becomes incapable of producing it. This is when problems arise due to the presence of a large amount of sugar in the blood, which instead of entering the cells, remains stuck in the blood. This is how a person develops type 2 diabetes.

Dozens of treatments for type 2 diabetes exist and are effective provided they are prescribed by a doctor as part of regular monitoring and respect a scrupulous lifestyle.

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Among these treatments is Victoza.

How acts Victoza?

The active substance in Victoza is Liraglutide, a substance that we have already mentioned in an article that we have already published about a similar medicine: Saxenda.

In fact, basically, it is the same molecule present in both products. These were manufactured by the same laboratory, but at different dosages.
And it is precisely for this reason that their indications are different.

Stock Liraglutide

Liraglutide is an analogue of an intestinal hormone called Incretin. This hormone is gluco-dependent, that is to say, it is secreted when glucose is absorbed by the body.

In type 2 diabetes, where insulin secretion is insufficient, Victoza provides extra insulin secretion, allowing glucose to reach target cells instead of hanging out in the blood.

Advantages by Victoza

Victoza acts like Incretin hormones, and its action lasts 24 hours unlike natural Incretin which is degraded after just a few minutes.

Victoza does not have a hypoglycaemic effect like most anti-diabetics, because its action is only triggered by the presence of glucose in the blood.

In overweight diabetic patients who used Victoza, a gentle and steady weight loss was noticed which led to an improvement in their general state of health.

Some disadvantages by Victoza

injection-victozaVictoza must be given as an injection under the skin every day at the same time, which can be painful for some people who hate injections, and a pain for distracted people who forget their medication times.

The price of Victoza is quite high, it is partly justified since it is in particular the case of most of the new drugs on the market.

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Victoza can he be used as a slimming pill?

Our answer is NO!

Despite the confirmed results of Victoza on weight loss, we do not recommend its use in this indication and this for a very trivial reason:

On the market, there is already on sale the product similar to Victoza, but with the dosage adapted to correspond to a goal of weight loss. We therefore advise you, in case you insist on wanting to lose weight using Victoza, to consult your doctor, who will no doubt be able to advise you on taking this type of medicine.

The use of Victoza for weight loss is NOT RECOMMENDED, not because of a lack of effectiveness, nor problems of side effects, not at all since we know that this product is under compulsory medical prescription; but rather to stick to the initial indication of this product and not divert it from its vocation. Any manufacturing laboratory offers dosages adapted to each specific indication in the context of remedying a specific disease.

Alternative in Victoza

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Last update: September 14, 2022.