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Ventless air conditioner: what are the benefits?

In summer, the heat can be difficult to bear at home, especially during hot weather. However, affording a fixed air conditioner is not given to everyone, especially if you are a tenant or if you have a limited budget. The solution ? Invest in a ventless air conditioner, an air conditioning system that works by evaporation and without a pipe connected to the outside.

Definition: What is a Ventless Air Conditioner?

A ventless air conditioner is not an air conditioner per se. This is actually an abuse of language! Rather, the term “ventless air conditioner” refers to a portable air conditioner without evacuation, that is to say, at a refresher ambient airwithout pipe or fitting.

A so-called “ventless” air conditioner is capable of propellingfresh airwithout the need for any external output. Mobileit can be moved from one room to another, in the same way as an air humidifier, or even a air purifier.

However, caution should be exercised as some portable air conditioners are still connected to a hose. This is an option which certainly presents constraints, but which is generally much more easy to use and install only non-vented models.

How it works ?

Unlike a conventional air conditioner, a ventless air conditioner does not need to be connected to the outside by a pipe. Indeed, the air freshener without pipe works thanks to a evaporation systemalso called hydro-cooling, which propels cool air directly into the room.

The ventless air conditioner first draws in warm air from the room. The air then passes through a humidified filterwho is responsible for refresh and of capture the heat. Finally, the cool air is expelled into the room by the device, thereby lowering the room temperature.

man using ductless air conditioner

Different Types of Ventless Air Conditioners

portable air conditioner

Mobile air conditioner without single vent

The single ventless portable air conditioner consists of a Refrigerant, which captures the warm air in the house and returns it as cold air. The calories in the air are thus absorbed in the pipe connected to the device.

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Most portable air conditioners without single venting have a tank water. The larger the water tank, the less it has to be filled: quite simply!

Mobile air conditioner without drain hose

With a portable air conditioner without an exhaust pipe, the air is filtered through a damp pad. Cooling is thus carried out by evaporation hydro cooling. This is an air conditioner that works without any evacuation, unlike the previous model.

The mobile air conditioner without a drain hose is, of course, very practical, but it is little efficient. It may even be the cause of noise. Nevertheless, it still remains more efficient than a conventional fan.

Reversible air-air heat pump

The reversible air-to-air heat pump, also called an aerothermal heat pump, is a 2-in-1 device, which allows use in both winter and summer. The advantage? It does not need to be connected to a piping system. It must thus be fixed and installed in several blocks, one of which must be placed outside the house. Only downside, the installation of such a device represents a sacred investment…

air freshener

Space-saving, the air cooler stands out as the candidate ideal to replace a conventional air conditioner. It has a unique block and can be moved effortlessly. As for the air cooler system, this device draws in hot air, which then passes through a filter which humidifies it, and therefore refreshes it.

Why Choose a Ventless Air Conditioner?

Benefits of an evacuated air conditioner

First, an evacuated air conditioner has the major advantage of being equally suitable for a use domestic that professional. In addition, the mode of operation of this device is relatively simple. Another positive: the ventless air conditioner settles down easily. No need for a window, door or hole in the wall to install it!

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In addition, the ductless air conditioner is compact and energy-intensive. It also consumes up to 10 times less energy than a standard air conditioning system. As a bonus, this device is mobile and can therefore be moved with ease, if necessary.

The Disadvantages of a Ventless Air Conditioner

The ductless air conditioner is less powerful than a conventional air conditioner. It is therefore only suitable for rooms of small size even of average height, such as a closed kitchen, a bedroom, an office, or even a bathroom. It is also recommended to use it in rooms that are less than 20 m².

air conditioning without hose

How much does a ventless air conditioner cost?

It is necessary to count between 100 € and 1100 € for an air conditioner without evacuation. The price range may seem quite wide, I grant you, but it is difficult to give an accurate estimate, as there are so many different models on the market. The entry level is between €100 and €259, the mid-range between €259 and €339 and the high end between €339 and €1,100.

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