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turbo slimTURBO SLIM 2 SLIMMING ACTIONS is a slimming pill that claims to be able to block 50% of the calories in your diet.
If this claim turns out to be true, then believe us, you are probably in front of a miraculous weight loss drug that will get rid of your weight problems for good.

We will therefore see throughout this survey whether the Forté Pharma laboratories have finally found the ideal solution to fight against the harmful effect of fatty meals and to meet the expectations of all those who cannot control their cravings. greasy, tempting food and are torn between temptation and maintaining a healthy weight.

Forté Pharma produces other weight loss supplements under the Turbo slim label, but this one is the latest.
The manufacturer claims that its new pill has registered a 90% satisfaction rate among consumers.

So, true or false ?

Test turbo slim

box-turbo-slimTurbo slim is one of the few weight loss supplements manufactured by a French laboratory: Forté Pharma.
A little research online shows us that Turbo slim is sold on the official Forté Pharma website as well as those of a few resellers.
However, we discovered that the manufacturer produces another supplement called Calorilight, which seems to be the international version of Turbo slim 2 slimming actions.
What are the differences between the two?
From our research, it appears that there are none.

You can read the Calorilight review HERE.

Back to our product.
The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast.
However, it clearly states that Turbo Slim cannot give effect if not combined with proper diet. Our experience has taught us that this statement simply means to go on a diet.

What we blame for Turbo slim from Forté Pharma:

  • Lack of complete information on the mechanism of action;
  • The absence of clinical studies to approve its effectiveness;
  • The absence of a money-back guarantee (satisfied or refunded guarantee).

Forte Pharma: the manufacturer by TurboSlim

Forté Pharma, from its official name Forte Pharma sam laboratories has the status of a foreign company registered with the RCS. Located in Monaco, this company carries out a “non-refrigerated warehousing and storage” activity. This company was established in 2001.

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On the French version of the official Forte Pharma website, there are several sections: slimming universe, energy universe, health universe. In the part that interests us, namely slimming universe, there are several products, for women, for women over 45 and for men.

Turbo Slim is part of the products for women and men.

Forté Pharma has distributors in almost all French regions. You have a tool on the site to find out which distributor is closest to your residence.

What Turbo Slim Says It Can do for you

Turbo slim 2 slimming actions is essentially intended for consumers who want to control their appetite and their cravings for snacking.

How is he supposed to act?

As its name suggests, Turbo Slim works in two ways:

  1. Control hunger;
  2. Burn calories better.

Want to know more ? U.S. too !
Only Forté Pharma will not give us more details.
The official website does not provide any information on the exact working mechanism of its supplement ingredients.

The problem is that all the weight loss drug manufacturers are all saying the same thing and making the same claims, but few have evidence to support those claims.

Faced with this lack of information, we are inclined to believe that Forté Pharma is among the laboratories that do not provide details simply because their supplement is not able to deliver on its promises.

What are the ingredients Turbo Slim?

Once again, Forté Pharma has not seen fit to provide you with the exact composition of the slimming pills that you will be taking daily for more than a month!
Here is the only paragraph that talks about the ingredients of Turbo slim on the official website:

Turbo slim therefore contains 5 active ingredients:

It is a Japanese brown seaweed rich in protein (up to 21% of its dry weight), in vitamins (A, B2, B12, C). This seaweed is ideal for stimulating growth and strengthening the body.
On the nutrition side, this seaweed is used as a food supplement because of its richness in calcium (13 times more than milk), iron, magnesium and omega 3.
In addition to its nutritional properties, it has just been discovered in Japan a new property which seems to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, it is fucoxanthin.
This substance which gives wakame its brownish appearance, stimulates the oxidation of fats and the synthesis of docosahexaenoic acid.
The latter reduces bad cholesterol and therefore prevents cardiovascular disease and obesity.

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2. ZINC:
Zinc is an important trace element for the human body.
It is involved in the proper functioning of several organs.
It is mostly prescribed to people with skin problems.
It is credited with the following properties: boosting the immune system, preventing macular degeneration and reducing acne symptoms.

It is an excellent trace element that brings multiple benefits to the body.
It is now part of several weight loss pills in the market. Indeed, chromium has been suggested to help regulate carbohydrate metabolism by working with insulin.
Be careful though, if the dose of chromium is less than 25 µg, it is completely useless and will make no difference.
Unfortunately, it’s very easy to put a tiny bit of chromium in a pill and say it contains it, when in fact it has no nutritional value.

Even in the recommended doses, this nutritional value remains very controversial, in particular by the French Food Safety Agency which clearly indicates:

  • That there is no argument suggesting a possible reduction in the risk of obesity and insulin resistance linked to chromium consumption in the general population;
  • That the metabolic effects are very largely dependent on the form of intake, evoking pharmacological effects linked to chromium picolinate more than nutritional effects linked to the trace element itself;
  • That the data on the safety of picolinate did not make it possible to set a safety limit;
  • That the potential toxicity of long-term supplementation, depending on its form of intake, cannot be excluded.

Afssa does not recommend the fortification of foodstuffs with chromium for the general population, regardless of the forms of intake.
View the full report:
(Source : AFSSA – Request No. 2007-SA-0315)

4. BERIKETON (raspberry extracts):
Despite this fancy naming, it is simply the raspberry ketone found more and more in slimming supplements.
We have dedicated an article to raspberry ketone which you can check out here.
Raspberry ketone is a raspberry extract that contains phenolic antioxidants.
This extract promotes the secretion of adiponectin, a molecule involved in the metabolism of lipids and glucose.
It also acts on insulin resistance.
We should note at this point that the extraction of this substance is very expensive, which is why it is generally synthesized in laboratories while preserving its slimming effects.

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Tea is known as a natural fat burner.
Rich in caffeine and catechins, green tea increases the body’s energy expenditure and fat oxidation.
The two substances it contains, act on the level of norepinephrine.

Is Turbo Slim efficient ?

We might have been able to answer this question if we had the exact quantities of Turbo slim’s ingredients, but since the official website is terribly lacking in detail and sometimes even basic information, it is impossible to say that Turbo slim can help you. help lose weight.

We always condemn this premeditated lack of information and we continue to believe that a manufacturer sure of his product, will do his best to clearly display the composition of his product.

Side effects by Turbo Slim

We don’t have any information about the possible side effects of Turbo slim.
The lack of details on exact amounts makes it difficult for us to know if you risk overdosing in certain ingredients if you take this pill.

Turbo slim is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. This warning is also valid for people under specific medical treatment. Its use is prohibited for children and minors.

How to buy Turbo slim?

You can order Turbo Slim directly from the official Forté Pharma website which will direct you to one of their partners where you can make your choice.

Forté Pharma does not offer a money-back guarantee for its supplements.
This is usually not the case with quality weight loss supplements, because if you trust the product you make, you stand behind the guarantee! Especially since we know that what works for one person may not work for another, our metabolisms are different as well as the reaction of our organisms.

go to the official website of the product

Last update: September 14, 2022.