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To whom should we send the letter for a cancellation of mutual insurance?

Since health insurance alone is not enough to cover all your healthcare expenses, you must accompany it with complementary health insurance known as mutual insurance. The mutual is a complementary insurance that will cover all or part of the costs not reimbursed by social security. That said, it may happen that your expenses are no longer adapted to the contract of the mutual insurance company you have subscribed to. In this case you must cancel your current health insurance to choose a new one.

So how should we go about it? And what should your termination letter ?

When should you send a cancellation letter to your insurer?

Once the first year of membership in the mutual has passed, you can at any time terminate your complementary health contract. Nevertheless, there are certain cases which allow you to terminate the mutual insurance contract during the first 12 months: the subscription to a compulsory collective contract in your company, a move or an unjustified price increase.

You should therefore contact your insurer a termination letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

How to write the letter of termination of a mutual?

The termination letter that you must send to your insurer must include information of paramount importance. Without this information, the insurer cannot follow up on your termination request. The information that must be included in the termination letter is:

  • Your surname and first names;
  • Your address with city and postal code;
  • Your contact details;
  • The name and address of the mutual;
  • Your policy and membership numbers;
  • The date of subscription to the contract.
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Begin your letter by stating your surname and first names, your address, postal code, city, phone number and email address, at the very top left. On the right, mention the name of the insurer. This can be a mutual fund, a provident institution or an insurance company. If you know your insurer, address the letter to him, specifying “For the attention of Mr. or Mr.me X” and add the address, postal code and city.

Now that this basic information is entered, you must specify the subject of your letter : termination of complementary health insurance. The subject of the letter must be followed by your membership number and your contract number.

In the body of the letter, when you announce your decision to terminate your contract, again mention the number of your mutual insurance contract and specify the date of joining the contract. Remind your insurer of the date is important, as it is a way of showing that more than 12 months have passed and that you have the right to terminate your contract.

Ask to receive a certificate of termination a.s.a.p. There, your insurer has 30 days to send you the certificate. If you have overpaid monthly payments, ask your insurer to refund the overpayment.

Don’t forget to sign the termination letter with your name.