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The guarantees included in the mutual insurance for civil servants

Like employees in the private sector, to benefit from supplementary health insurance, civil servants must subscribe to mutual insurance.

Between optical care, hearing care and dental care, sometimes we don’t have enough means to finance everything. This is where the mutual plays its role: it reimburses some or all of the costs health.

To find out more about mutual insurance for civil servants, here are the different types of mutual insurance and the guarantees offered.

Types of mutual insurance for civil servants

For workers in the public sector, subscribing to civil servant mutual insurance is obligatory. However, unlike workers in the private sector, who take out collective mutual insurance, civil servants can choose between:

The collective mutual is generally proposed by the boss and concerns all workers. The latter can be the ministry or a community.

We distinguish 2 types of contracts individual mutual: the generalist mutual and the specialized mutual.

Most civil servants opt for a general mutual fund that corresponds to their budget and their family situation. In addition, some generalist mutual insurance policies are cheaper than those of the specialized mutual.

A specialized mutual means that civil servants have the possibility of subscribing to a mutual according to their activity. For example, teachers can subscribe to a special mutual fund… The same is true for other professions.

What are the guarantees included in the mutual insurance contracts for civil servants?

Before choosing a contract, it is very important to find out about the guarantees it offers. In terms of mutual insurance for civil servants, the guarantees offered are:

  • Optical care;
  • Dental care;
  • General medicine;
  • Care in the event of hospitalization.
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With a reimbursement ceiling that satisfies most civil servants, optical care covered are glasses and contact lenses.

For dental care, those taken into account are implants, prostheses and crowns. In addition, the amount of the reimbursement ceiling is particularly satisfactory.

No matter who you consult, a specialist or general practitioner, the mutual will take care of your consultation. Moreover, she will pay for excess fees and medications.

The health insurance fund will cover the prices for the single room, the daily hospital charge, the anesthesia and the surgery if necessary.

Depending on your needs and your profile, you can, as a civil servant, subscribe to additional guarantees, such as alternative medicine treatments.

For the price of the mutual insurance for civil servant, it varies by contract and coverage which you choose.

What is the best labeled mutual fund for civil servants?

You should know that the rates offered by most mutuals are similar. However, the choice is wide, you can get lost in the middle of all these mutuals.

Among the best are:

  • AXA;
  • Aviva Assurances;
  • MGEN;
  • Groupama;
  • Pacifica;
  • Public Service Harmony;
  • Solimute;
  • MGP: Mutuelle Générale de la Police, etc.

We recommend that you compare offers and warranties offered by each mutual, then choose the contract that best meets your needs at the best price.