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The best antioxidants for skin care

We all want the ability to age the way wine does. Phenomena such as states of stress and pollution prevent us from enjoying the period before aging.

This is due to an important production of free radicals. These promote the aging process of the skin. To treat them, antioxidants are usually used.

They lighten the complexion of the skin and prevent sunburn. Several antioxidants are used to have these results such as vitamin E, resveratrol and lycopene.

What is an antioxidant?

In recent years, antioxidants have become practically essential to maintain the balance of the body. They play a crucial role for the beauty of the skin.

These are substances synthesized or naturally produced by plant species. These substances in question prevent oxidation.

Antioxidants are always contained in the cosmetic products that we used to use. To understand them better, you need a little knowledge of oxidation.

Oxidation is a natural process that takes place in the cell. It takes place during the consumption of oxygen by the cell. It is a cascade of several reactions resulting in the production of free radicals.

These radicals have the ability to attack a good number of constituents of our skin. Antioxidants in cosmetics protect cells from free radicals.

They also protect them against oxidative stress. This stress is induced by these free radicals. Some reactions produce oxygen molecules that are highly reactive.

This is oxidative stress. It is created when our body induces the production of a large number of free radicals. Oxygen molecules with a high reactivity have the ability to destroy DNA, lipids or proteins.

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Antioxidant molecules can come together to neutralize the highly reactive molecules in question. This prevents oxidative damage to tissues and cells.

Oxidative stress, by attacking the cells and tissues of the skin, destroys them. This speeds up the aging process. A use of antioxidants is necessary to finish with wrinkles and keep your skin radiant.

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What are the best antioxidants you can use?

There are plenty of antioxidants available to neutralize free radicals for youthful looking skin. The best antioxidants we offer are:

Vitamin C

This molecule is appreciated because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also qualified as anti – age, because it delays aging.

The molecule is known in many forms such as:

  • Acid Ascorbic;
  • Ascorbyl palmitate;
  • Glucosamine;
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

There is also sodium ascorbic phosphate or tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. Vitamin C is also used because of its properties known as skin lightening. Many people use it to treat dark spots.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the powerful antioxidants used to fight free radicals. In addition, it is a substance that induces good collagen production.

Collagen is a fibrous protein and the largest of the skin. It is responsible for the strength of our beautiful skin. Collagen levels face reduction as age advances, creating:

  • An appearance of dark spots and fine lines;
  • The presence of sunspots and scars on the skin.

Vitamin A helps fight against the early onset of these signs. It helps to prevent premature aging.


Niacinamide is also called vitamin B3. It helps fight oxidative stress in cells. This vitamin helps in improving your skin texture and complexion.

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It is a molecule that is used for the treatment of several skin conditions. This is the case with acne and rosacea.

This substance is often found in food, meat. In addition to treating skin infections, it helps strengthen the outer layer of the body. This provides effective prevention of water loss.


It is also an anti-aging antioxidant. It is a substance present in berries, grapes and also red wine.

Studies have even shown that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Resveratrol has the ability to inhibit the growth of several bacteria found on the skin.

Vitamin E

This molecule treats photodamage. This is the damage created by the rays of UV light. Vitamin E ensures the reinforcement of the natural barrier which is the skin.

It effectively fights against skin cancer. It is a very good moisturizing ingredient. Vitamin E is an antioxidant strongly involved in the healing process of the skin.


For those unfamiliar with the powerful properties of turmeric, know that it is used for burn relief. It also helps relieve cuts.

This plant contains curcumin as an active molecule. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals. It helps in reducing inflammation.

Curcumin ensures wound healing. It is an agent that fights against microbes in your skin. It is the best molecule that we can use to stay always young.

Green tea extract

Studies have shown the importance of green tea in neutralizing free radicals. Green tea extract contains a good amount of polyphenols. These plant molecules fight free radicals and increase immunity.

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Polyphenols are very good anti-inflammatory molecules. This is why green tea is highly recommended for fighting wrinkles.

Feel free to drink a few cups of green tea for your own good. You can buy products containing green tea polyphenols to maintain the skin.


It is an excellent antioxidant. It is a molecule that has the facility of being easily absorbed by the outer layer of our body.

It is, in fact, a cartinoid which is contained in a large part of red vegetables. This molecule helps fight against free radicals and improves collagen synthesis.

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What are the other benefits of antioxidants in skin maintenance?

These molecules help prevent sunburn. The skin always reacts to the harmful rays of our sun. This causes an inflammatory reaction.

Antioxidants, by having anti-inflammatory activities, help prevent the skin from sunburn. They represent an effective protection against the effects caused by the sun.

In addition to preventing sunburn, they have a positive effect on melanin. The latter is a skin pigment.

It is synthesized after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Melanin is produced through damage created by free radicals.

Antioxidants effectively decrease the production of melanin. This promotes skin lightening.

These molecules allow to help the skin which is confronted with acne. Inflammations triggered by oxidative stress induce eruptions. Antioxidants treat acne by reducing inflammation. Like drugs, some antioxidants may not work well in an individual. We advise you to consult a specialist to find out the type of antioxidant that will be appropriate for your skin.