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Storing your belongings in a furniture storage unit, a practice that has become a trend among the French

At least once in our life, we needed to store some things with a loved one. When it comes to one or two bag(s), it is always possible… But how to go about it when it comes to keeping all or part of the contents of your accommodation? To deal with this type of situation, it is advisable to store your personal effects in a storage unit. And as we will see in the following, this solution can help you meet the most pressing needs.

The storage box, an economical solution for storing your belongings

Depending on your budget, it is easy to find a cheap rental offer to store your belongings in a storage unit at the right price. The rates charged in many storage centers have the particularity of being very economical. Better still, there are little tricks to pay less for your furniture storage. For example, advance payments, the comparison of different prices and the choice of the right mode of payment (eg quarterly payment to benefit from decreasing rates) are all solutions that make it possible to lower the cost of the rental. In any case, always remember to ask for a tailor-made quote before renting your storage box.

Extra storage space for more flexibility

It is useful to rent a box to store your belongings when you have accommodation that is too small, that you often go on a trip or that you want to leave your official accommodation. The rental of an individual and secure room is also recommended to store bottles of wine, all childcare accessories, old clothes or even sports equipment. With the services of a furniture storage unit, you can also find space to store your records, CDs or old DVDs.

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An effective solution for moving quickly

There are many situations in which tenants find themselves stuck when moving out. For example, it is common to have to move into a smaller dwelling than the previous one. In such a situation, unfortunately, you will not be able to store all your personal belongings at home, let alone with a loved one. To store them in optimal conditions and to avoid any damage to them, renting a storage unit is the most appropriate solution. And once your rental contract has been signed, store your belongings without waiting and without having to pay any deposit.

A wide range of services to simplify the daily lives of tenants

Storing your belongings in a storage unit gives you access to many additional services. For example, you will be able to benefit from personalized support to assess your volume of business to be moved, to choose a storage box of the right size and to properly pack the effects to be stored. But it doesn’t stop there… Many furniture storage centers also provide their customers with handling equipment (eg trolley) and allow the rental of utility vehicles. Are you having difficulty transporting your personal belongings? To facilitate the deposit or collection of your personal effects, some companies provide their customers with teams of movers.