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slimdrene bottleDo you want to lose weight, and do you want to achieve your goals easily and quickly?

We discovered SLIMDRENE, a slimming treatment that claims to be revolutionary.

Faced with such a promising announcement, we decided to investigate to verify whether or not Slimdrene is truly THE slimming pill to try.

Presentation and Promise of Slimdrene

If you are looking for Slimdrene, first of all know that the product does not have any official website.
But let’s give Slimdrene a chance, and start our investigation.

Slimdrene is immediately touted as the weight loss supplement “The best and the most advanced”a “Miracle Formula” who “works emotionally and physically to ensure safe and fast weight loss results”.
Slimdrene promises visible results in just a few days, without going to the gym or a strict diet.

Slimdrene is said to have the following benefits:

  • Detoxifies the body;
  • Stimulates weight loss;
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant;
  • Activates fat burning;
  • FDA approved.

There are also other promises, stated as follows:

  • Detoxifies your body and eliminates toxins from the colon;
  • Helps you feel healthy and keeps you active throughout the day.

A supplement that literally eradicates your colon? Keep your asset?
As you can see, it cannot be said that the Slimdrene sales team has made a lot of effort to translate the information about their product in an intelligible way!
But let’s continue…

Slimdrene, the Maker

What company is behind Slimdrene?

The mystery remains intact, despite our various searches.
The dedicated page does not provide any information concerning the manufacturer or the retailer of this slimming cure.

Moreover, by clicking on “order”, the visitor will land on a sales page for the Nitroslim product.
An inconsistency which is aggravated by the fact that our test of Nitroslim (to consult, HERE), showed that this product is a scam with the free trial.

The company in question, bearing the name of Nutralife Solution, was established in 2015 and is based in London.
A history that is both short and rather not very encouraging, it must be said.

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Ingredients present in Slimdrene capsules

Slimdrene displays the following ingredients:
1. White Oak (bark) :
Oak bark is used.
It is known mainly for its astringent properties, that is to say which produce a contraction of the mucous membranes, able to better control their secretions.
White oak is also known for its ability to fight hemorrhoids, skin diseases, and diarrhea.
It is a good digestive tonic.
2. Raspberry Ketone:
This ingredient is increasingly known and present in slimming pills. It has multiple benefits.
Raspberry ketone activates the production of adrenaline, a hormone that stimulates the metabolism, and therefore the burning of fat.
Raspberry ketone also participates in the rebalancing of adiponectin secretions, which promotes a reduction in fat storage.
Finally, this ingredient would promote the decomposition of lipids in reserve in the body.
To learn more about raspberry ketone, you can read our dedicated article, HERE.
3. Blue Verbena:
This ingredient is none other than common verbena, well known for its soothing and relaxing properties.
Verbena soothes difficult digestions, stomach aches and diarrhoea, acts as an anti-inflammatory and stimulates the stomach.
4. Aloe Vera:
This plant is 99% water, which makes it an excellent moisturizer and skin healer. The remaining 1% are very rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals.
Aloe has laxative properties, cleanses the intestinal flora, promotes digestion and the elimination of toxins.
This ingredient also works by strengthening the immune system, fights diabetes and cholesterol, and has excellent anti-aging properties.
5. Goldenseal:
A plant that fights against digestive disorders, and which has the ability to stimulate digestion, but also the appetite!
6. Gentian:
Another ingredient to fight against intestinal disorders, such as gas, diarrhea, nausea, or difficult digestion).
Gentian is a good liver decongestant, tones and purifies the body.

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Reviewing the various ingredients found in Slimdrene, we can see that aside from raspberry ketone, none of the ingredients in the composition seem to specifically target weight loss, fat burning, or appetite reduction.

Clinical studies regarding Slimdrene

The page dedicated to the product does not mention any clinical study validating the effectiveness of its weight loss product.
On the other hand, we can read there that Slimdrene is “widely recommended by doctors”or “FDA approved”.

It is clear that, despite our extensive research, we could not find any evidence of his announcements.
No doctor is mentioned on the Slimdrene site, and there is no mention of this supplement on the FDA site.

The reliability of the product is once again undermined by inconsistent information.

Side effects and contraindications

According to the information available on the product page, Slimdrene does not have any contraindications or adverse effects.
We tend to validate this information, given the rather mild nature of the ingredients used in the composition of the product.

However, we emphasize a significant presence of plants targeting digestive disorders, and warn against possible significant reactions of the body in this specific area.

Slimdrene is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for people under the age of 18.

Slimdrene User Testimonials

Slimdrene users are unanimous that this product is a scam.
We leave you with an overview of the testimonials available on several discussion forums:

Attention …
Slimdrene is on sale for the 14 day trial at 5.90, you receive the product 2 days before the 14 day trial and you are charged 99.96 per bottle on the 14th day so no time to test the product!!!! ! if you take the slimdrene and the slimdrene clean you will be debited 2 times 99.96 from your account and in addition you will receive new bottles every 30 days at 104 euros per bottle, this product is AVOID!!!!!!!!!

No return from me because paid…..
They asked me for the complete transaction number (merchant, date, exact amount) listed on my account statement. I cannot help you, the procedure is still in progress!!! I had to oppose my credit card and I’m waiting for a new brief one hell of a mess in my accounts pffffffff I could have done without it …….. as soon as I have new information I’ll let you know Regarding the product itself since June 6 I started 2 slimdrene capsules in the morning and 2 slimdrene clean capsules in the evening as indicated and only 1 kg lost in 12 days!!!!! so on me it is clear that it does not work……. Good luck everyone

Price and warranty

Difficult to announce a price and warranty information when the “order” tab leads to another product!

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Let us simply recall that Nitroslim, the product offered on the Slimdrene order page, is recognized as being a free trial scam, which improperly charges amounts of up to 2 x €99.96.
An order implies the subscription to a subscription which will cost you, to receive 1 bottle per month, no less than 104€ monthly.

There is no address to return the products.

Our opinion on Slimdrene

It is without any hesitation that we reject this slimming pill!
Between ingredients not targeting weight loss, and financial scam, Slimdrene can certainly lighten your bank account, but not your figure!

Instead, turn to reliable slimming pills and companies known for their reliability.

Alternative to Slimdrene

If you want to consult another test about an effective and serious slimming solution, I advise you to review the article below:


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Last update: September 14, 2022.