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Seniors and people with disabilities can call on home help services

Helping and supporting our seniors should be a priority for all families. However, this is not always an easy thing to do. Indeed, children lead their own lives and have to reconcile work, children, family life, household chores, etc., which sometimes leaves little time to take care of parents or grandparents. But fortunately, for families with a loved one losing their autonomy, wishing to live in their home, there are home help services.

Autonomy and social life preserved

Indeed, seniors can have a difficult life, especially when they are no longer able to fend for themselves. To help them delay as much as possible the entry into a retirement home or EHPAD, which are extremely expensive, it is possible to have recourse to an association of home help services. Thus, professionals will intervene with the senior. This assistance is really essential to keep the elderly at home, in the best conditions. This allows them to keep a certain autonomy and maintain a social life, so essential for them. This type of service meets the needs of seniors, but also of disabled, dependent and fragile people. To benefit from this support, you must be over 65 and/or be recognized as disabled. Home help may be granted to you, depending on your level of dependence and your income. As a result, you will be able to benefit from unfailing support on a daily basis to carry out household tasks such as shopping, preparing meals, washing, cleaning, taking the dog out, etc.

Home helpers: real social support

Home help is the most appropriate solution to delay entry into a retirement home or nursing home as much as possible, which is why these services are in such high demand. Thanks to home help, the house will be maintained, the meals will be healthy and balanced and will meet the needs of the person, the shopping will be done… This will give you the opportunity to feel more serene, and to relieve your loved ones. With a home health aide, you will benefit from social support. It will accompany you in everyday life, will share good times with you and above all, it will help to fight against your isolation. Indeed, loneliness weighs heavily on seniors, so having someone by your side, even for a few hours, will give you the impression of getting a nice breath of fresh air. In addition, the expert will build you a more comfortable and secure environment, which, for families, is a relief.

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Specific support for people with disabilities

Thanks to a specialized association in Paris or elsewhere, the elderly can be assisted in their daily lives. They will be happy to keep a certain autonomy. Moreover, the organization in question also offers its services to people with disabilities. So, whether you are unable to move, whether you suffer from a visual, physical or hearing impairment, you can also have recourse to home help. The latter will help you manage daily tasks such as cooking, taking care of administrative documents, making your medical appointments. Whatever your needs, this presence will be reassuring and useful.

Other specialists at your service

In addition to home help, you can also benefit from home health services. Indeed, in addition to the intervention of nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and dietitians can support dependent people. Psychologists offer a psychological assessment and will help you fight against depression. The occupational therapist will assess motor, cognitive and physical impairments. He will offer you a daily help solution, according to your needs. In order to ensure better physical health, the dietitian will provide you with support to maintain a healthy diet.

Financial aid can be granted to you

To enjoy all these services, you can contact the association. Prices vary depending on your income and the service provider chosen. Note that it is possible to pay these professionals in universal service employment cheques, which will make the process easier for you. To help the elderly finance these services, there are several aids such as APA, household help, tax aid, help from pension funds or complementary health insurance.

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