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Product Name : HealthVet

Brand: HealthVet

Responsible: The Animal Company, SAS

Website: www.santevet.com

French language

Pitch: Pet insurance.

Price : /

Format: Insurance

Delivery: Instant

Warranty: 14-day right of withdrawal.

Description from SantéVet:

“SantéVet”, a specialist in health insurance for dogs and cats that reimburses up to 100% of veterinary costs in order to take the greatest care of our best four-legged friends!

Evaluation from SantéVet:

Since 2003, “SantéVet” has been a service for pet owners available in France, Belgium, Spain and Germany. This is insurance that covers the care of our furry friends. Considered a leader in the field, it offers a wide range of services.

Here is everything you need to know about this specialist.

The pet health insurance company.

With thousands of customers, “SantéVet” is a company specializing in pet health insurance. Based in Lyon, it was founded in 2003. Its specialty is animal health insurance for dogs, cats and NAC (New pets).

The company’s function is to help owners provide excellent veterinary care to their four-legged friends. It must be said that it is also an essential need for them.

According to figures, “Santevet” has more than 280,000 customers and has a great team with a mission to satisfy customers. The company also offers several types of insurance contracts. Policyholders can choose the guarantees adapted to the needs of their animals and their budget.

The operating principle of “SantéVet”:

In reality, “SantéVet” works like a human health mutual. The company covers the health costs of pets. Family members, they need the best care to stay healthy and live happily. By taking out a contract with this animal insurance, owners will be able to benefit from a reimbursement of the costs of treatment allocated by the veterinarians.

The subscription must be made before the 7th birthday of the animal if it is a dog and its 8th birthday if it is a cat. For chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs, it can be done from 3 months to 3 years old.
For parrot owners, the subscription is to be made between 3 months and 10 years of the animal. Finally, for the ferret, it is possible from the 3rd month of the animal until its 2 years.

This mutual fund for dogs and cats gives its customers the privilege of choosing the animal insurance formula that suits them. The company has Animal Health Advisors responsible for identifying the real needs of your animals. They can provide advice to facilitate decision-making.

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Offers available:

“SantéVet” presents itself as an evolving mutual fund whose objective is to meet the real expectations of customers. This is why the company works to offer a wide range of formulas.

Classic support

Homeowners can benefit from optimal coverage. Health insurance covers the costs of veterinary care in the event of illness, accident or surgery.

Indeed, consultation fees and the cost of medication are reimbursed. The same is true with regard to hospitalization costs and expenses related to various examinations such as laboratory analyses, MRI, X-rays and CT scans.

The reimbursement rate depends on the type of contract chosen. It is 60% for the Light formula, 70% for the Comfort formula, 80% for the Comfort +, 90% for the Premium offer and 100% for the optimal coverage.

The prevention option

Each insurance plan includes a prevention package. It is used to cover preventive care designed to protect animals against certain common diseases. There are, among other things, vaccines, the administration of antiparasitics or deworming as well as sterilization.

The Civil Liability option

This option allows owners to take advantage of protection if the animal attacks a person or another animal. It is the same if he damages the material goods of others.

Subscription to Civil Liability is compulsory for dogs belonging to certain breeds. We must mention among others the American Staffordshire Terrier registered or not in the LOF, the Pitbull and the Rottweiler registered or not in the LOF

The death benefit option

This is an option that allows owners to access compensation of 510 euros. This budget is used to cover expenses related to the loss or death of the animal following an accident or illness.

The therapeutic food package

For owners who opt for the ‘Optimal’ formula for dogs and cats or ‘Cat Indoor’, it is possible to take advantage of a therapeutic feeding package. This is a budget that covers expenses related to the purchase of foods designed to complement drug treatment. This is the case for kibble or wet food recommended for animals with obesity, cancer, skin allergies or digestive problems.

The advantages of “SantéVet”:

“SantéVet” customers are entitled to several advantages as well as interesting services.

Complete and long-lasting formulas

This is undoubtedly the first advantage of insurance. The company offers comprehensive coverage including prevention and various advantageous options. In addition, the choice is also very wide with regard to the formulas available.

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To top it off, it is possible to easily find the contract that meets your expectations. It should be remembered that experienced advisers are at your disposal. They are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Your pet will also be protected throughout its life. Indeed, the guarantees are permanently accessible subject to renewal. You just have to register at the right time.

The prices offered are reasonable.

A refund of up to 100%

“SantéVet” aims to be a generous animal health insurance. It offers a high reimbursement rate which can go up to 100%. To benefit from optimal coverage, all you have to do is choose your contract carefully.

Fast and efficient services

As a reminder, this company has a large team, which allows it to offer quality service to its customers. The company undertakes to process treatment sheets and reimbursement requests within 48 hours. Moreover, the steps to be taken are simple.

Other advantageous services

Several free services are available to customers. First of all, there is the 24/7 HealthVet Assistance. If your veterinarian cannot see you when your animal needs emergency help, you can take advantage of the assistance of another professional by telephone. This is a veterinarian who is one of the insurer’s partners.

We should also mention access to the “santévet” application. This allows you to follow the progress of reimbursement procedures in real time.

A reliable insurer

This is another major asset of this animal mutual. With years of experience, the insurer is reputed to be a leader in animal insurance. In addition, it is recommended by several veterinarians.

A free quote available quickly

“SantéVet” undertakes to offer each of its customers a personalized and clear estimate, free of charge. This document is drawn up online on the official website. It’s fast, in just 2 minutes you can get your quote.

Some important information to know:

HealthVetTo take advantage of the guarantees offered by SantéVet, the first thing to do is to contact an advisor. This will give you more complete information and an adequate guide. You must then request a quote and proceed with the subscription.

Each subscriber is entitled to a withdrawal period of 14 days. So, if you want to cancel your registration, just send a cancellation request within the time limit. Then, if you wish to terminate your contract, you must also submit a written request at least two months before the annual expiry date.

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Technical support is accessible by online contact form, by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 04 78 173 800 for France and 02 613 16 48 for Belgium or by mail (35 Rue de Marseille – CS 50623 / 69366 Lyons / Cedex 07).

Disadvantages from SantéVet:

“SantéVet” has a waiting period during which the costs are not covered. This is a time limit put in place to avoid abuse, such as taking out insurance after discovering the illness of your pet. Thus, all costs related to an accident or illness occurring before subscription or during the waiting periods as well as all costs resulting therefrom will never be reimbursed.

Insurance can only be taken out before your dog’s 7th birthday and your cat’s 8th birthday. It will also be necessary to act before 3 years for a rabbit, a chinchilla or a guinea pig, before 2 years for a ferret and before 10 years for a parrot…

Testimonials on the Internet

Many testimonials refer to non-reimbursed expenses.

Obtaining costs in the event of illness or accident is laborious.

The technical support team is not always attentive and sometimes even on the defensive.

Reputation from SantéVet:

The reputation of “SantéVet” is mixed. Now, even though there are a lot of negative comments that refer to difficulties in obtaining reimbursement for veterinary care. Many of these testimonials are due to missing documents or failure to respect the waiting period! In addition, there are also many glowing testimonials that attempt to demonstrate the usefulness and effectiveness of this mutual health insurance for animals!

Conclusion for SantéVet:

According to our study, it seems that “SantéVet” is a trustworthy mutual for animals. Certainly not everything is pink and purple and the large number of negative testimonials cannot be ignored. That being said, reading these testimonials, it appeared to us that many of them speak of the waiting period and missing documents… So, taking into account also the many positive testimonials, this insurance for our favorite companions should be satisfying for most of us.

Keep in mind, however, that it is important to study your situation carefully so as not to overestimate or underestimate your needs when drawing up the contract.

Official website: santevet.com

Go to the official website: SantéVet