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revolyn-cure-slimmingLosing weight after a period of excess is what we all dream of. And we also want to lose weight quickly, efficiently, and if possible naturally. This is what REVOLYN offers us, a slimming pill that is getting people talking about it.

In what follows, we take stock of this new slimming treatment.

Presentation and Promise of Revolyn

As the official website says, Revolyn is a slimming pill, with a complete and balanced formula, targeting the key points of effective weight loss, namely:

  • Burn fat;
  • Regulate metabolism;
  • Boost energy.

We can see to begin with that the site announces that it acts on 4 levels to promote weight loss, while the mode of operation of the product only speaks of the 3 key points stated above.

The product is also advertised as “approved by doctors”and is based on the testimony of a certain doctor Mark Weis, who says in particular that “the creation of Revolyn […]was done after a lot of research and the product was developed with safety and efficacy in mind”.

Our research has led us to find that this same doctor gives, word for word, exactly the same testimony for several other products, including the Nuvoryn slimming pill, the review of which we have published HERE.
Moreover, a simple web search on the keyword Nuvoryn will bring the reader back to the Revolyn site itself.

Knowing that the Nuvoryn slimming pill was rejected by our team, we wonder what is the true nature of Revolyn?
Is it the same product?
The same company?
Why these identical testimonials concerning several different products?

To further deepen our knowledge of Revolyn, let’s sift through the testimonials of users present on the site.
At first glance, it is clear that the photos published on the site are the same, taken from multiple sites of slimming products, the only difference is the names of the people who testify are not the same!
Common sense leads us to question the reliability of these testimonies.

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To answer all the questions raised by Revolyn, let’s continue our investigation.

Revolyn, the Maker

Revolyn is marketed in the UK by Nathans Naturals.

By way of physical address and business contact information, only a PO box address is available, and our research shows that Nathans Naturals is actually owned by an American company.

On the net, you can find several testimonials from buyers who have been victims of abusive debits, which can reach up to 3 times the amount of their initial order.
(To read these testimonials, we invite you to visit this forum).
Others have tried to contact the company, by the means available, namely by email or telephone, without success.

Revolyn Ingredients

Revolyn contains the following ingredients: green tea, guarana, damiana, yerba mate, resveratrol, ginseng and pomegranate extract.

First observation: except for one ingredient only, it is the same composition as that of Nurovyn, which we have already mentioned.
But let’s detail a little each of the substances present in the Revolyn pills.

1. Green Tea:

Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, green tea is recognized as a powerful fat burner.
It detoxifies the body, boosts metabolism and increases the body’s ability to burn calories.
Green tea has been named as a powerful thermogenic stimulant, which means it increases calorie burning and promotes natural and effective weight loss.

2. Guarana:

Guarana contains caffeine, and acts on multiple levels: energy, immunity, stress, memory, sexuality and digestion.
In terms of weight loss, guarana has an appetite suppressant action and burns fat.
To learn more about this ingredient, read our dedicated article HERE.

3. Yerba Mate:

Also containing caffeine, mate is an ingredient that activates the burning of fat and increases the body’s expenditure, and which also offers an interesting appetite suppressant effect in the context of a slimming diet.
We have published an in-depth article on this star ingredient in many slimming pills, which can be viewed HERE.

4. Resveratrol:

At the origin of the name ‘french paradox’ or ‘the French paradox’ which relates to the fact that the French, despite a diet rich in fat, are not very prone to heart problems, resveratrol is a polyphenol found in grapes, blackberries, peanuts, cocoa.
This substance helps to fight against cellular aging and cardiovascular diseases.
It also has anti-cancer properties and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

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5. Ginseng:

Ginseng is a general tonic and a so-called adaptogenic plant, which increases energy, endurance and strengthens the body’s ability to adapt to physical effort.
Ginseng has innumerable virtues, including that of activating digestion and promoting the release of toxins.

6. Pomegranate:

The pomegranate would have a positive effect on the level of triglycerides in the blood, would participate in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and is very rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

As far as dosages are concerned, we can compare the doses of certain ingredients present in Revolyn with the doses recommended by health professionals:

Ingredient Doses recommended by healthcare professionals Doses present in 2 capsules of Revolyn (i.e. 1 daily dose)
Green tea (caffeine) 300mg 300mg
Guarana (caffeine) 200-400mg 200mg
Ginseng 800mg to 2g 30mg
damiana 800mg 50mg
Yerba Mate 70-300mg 40mg

We note that the recommended daily doses of caffeine, which should not exceed 400mg to guarantee total safety, are 500mg per day with 2 capsules of Revolyn.

We can also see that the dosages of the other ingredients are rather far below the recommended dosages to be effective.

Scientific studies on Revolyn

The official website mentions an independent study carried out on the product.
By following the link posted on the manufacturer’s website, we actually come across results given in the form of tables, evoking the weight loss achieved with Revolyn over several months, and in different countries.

Although the visible results seem encouraging, with for example 21% of people having lost between 17 and 22kg with 8 months of treatment, one can only wonder about the scientific reliability of this study.
No information is given on the survey protocol, the type of people interviewed, or the number of individuals participating.
We therefore cannot consider these results as scientifically validating the effectiveness of Revolyn.

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Side effects and contraindications

According to the manufacturer, Revolyn does not cause any side effects and has no contraindications, not even for pregnant women. Only allergies to one or more ingredients of the composition are mentioned.

We think it’s still important to remember that Revolyn contains a high dose of caffeine, and that this ingredient can have repercussions on the body.
Insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, heart rhythm disorders, are among the side effects associated with taking caffeine.

For this reason, we strongly advise pregnant or breastfeeding women not to use Revolyn.

Revolyn User Testimonials

As we’ve said before, Revolyn gets a lot of consumer complaints, both about the company and the product itself.

The manufacturer is impossible to contact, and establishes abusive deductions, often 3 times the amount of the order, without authorization or consent of the buyer.

As for the product, many users are very disappointed and have not lost a single gram.

Price and guarantee of Revolyn

The site offers several offers, depending on weight loss goals.
It should be noted that the offers are “valid only until – today’s date – included”, but that if you come back the next day, only the date will have changed, and you will always have access to the same prices.

  • Objective – 21kg – 3 months – 2 bottles + 1 free – €79.90 instead of 129,90€
  • Objective – 32kg – 5 months – 3 bottles + 2 free – €119.85 instead of 209.85€
  • Objective – 47kg – 4 bottles + 4 free – €159.80 instead of 339,80€
  • Objective – 8kg – 1 bottle – €39.95 instead of 49.95€

It is announced that the product can be refunded within 30 days of purchase, after return at the customer’s expense.

Our opinion on Revolyn

Our investigation shows that Revolyn could well be the revamped version of Nuvoryn, a product that has a very bad reputation.

In addition, the unreliability of the manufacturer, as well as the information collected, leads us to reject this slimming pill.

Last update: December 10, 2022.