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Redoing your teeth: what are the solutions that exist?

Having misaligned or missing teeth is sometimes embarrassing. It can prevent you from speaking or laughing in public. Fortunately, with the evolution of dentistry, it is now possible to improve your smile. Here are the different solutions that exist to redo your teeth!

Laying of dental veneers

The installation of dental veneers is one of the best solutions to redo your teeth. This technique consists of hiding visual defects by using small ceramic capsules. These can be placed on stained, decayed or decayed teeth. They correct the problems of retracted gums and help to tighten the interdental space.

Dental veneers have several advantages. In addition to improving the shade of the teeth, they modify their shape and alignment. They also correct overlaps and hide yellow roots. This allows you to obtain a natural and radiant smile.

different dental facets

The laying of dental veneers is done in a simple way. To do this, your dentist begins by applying to your teeth, a thin layer of enamel. This operation is most often done under local anesthesia. Then he makes an impression of your dental arch. This allows him to make you tailor-made veneers. After that, he proceeds to pose.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is also a very effective technique for redoing your teeth. This practice corrects all problems related to the dulling and at yellowingt teeth. It consists of clarifying the latter using a gel called ” oxygenated water “. This one is made from hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening is a treatment that is easy to perform. In addition, it guarantees you a consistent appearance, which makes your teeth look brighter. It is also part of dental care less risky. Indeed, before doing the operation, you will be asked to do a dental examination. This lets you know if the treatment is not going to cause you problems.

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The intervention is carried out in three main stages. First, your dentist will give you a descaling in order to prepare your teeth. He then applies a barrier cream to your lips and any areas the bleaching agent might touch. Finally, he performs the operation.

The dental implant

The dental implant is also one of the most effective solutions to redo your teeth. This practice allows replace missing teeth. It consists of putting crowns in place of the latter. For this, screws are fixed on the jaw bone.

The dental implant is a solution that has many advantages. It increases the lifespan of neighboring teeth. In addition, it preserves the balance of the jaws and ensures a functional role in restoring chewing. With dental implants, you can eat any type of food you want.

To do the procedure, you must go to a dental office. The duration of the latter varies according to the location of the implants. Before performing the operation, your dentist gives you local anesthesia. Then, he incises your gums, then hollows out the implant housing using a strawberry. Finally, he places the screw and performs two stitches.