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Quinton water, a marine serum with unsuspected powers

Invented by a certain French biologist named René Quinton, Quinton water is a marine serum with a thousand and one benefits. Infectious states, digestive and skin problems, attention disorders… nothing can resist it! Quinton’s water does, indeed, miracles on the body. Focus on Quinton water, a marine serum like no other.

Definition: what is Quinton water?

Quinton’s water, also known as Quinton plasmais a micro-filtered sea water. Rich in minerals, it is full of aluminum, silver, bromine, calcium, copper, iodine and lithium. But that’s not all: it also contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, and zinc.

Quinton’s plasma is a very special water. It is, in fact, taken off the sides, about 30 meters deep, in the center of “vortex planktonic». To put it simply, these are eddying water movements generated by ocean currents, conducive to the proliferation of phytoplankton and zooplankton. And it is precisely these micro-algae that contribute to the wealth of Quinton’s water!

Quinton’s water is a product like no other. It is, in fact, produced according to a process ofextraction and of filtration particularly demanding, thus allowing it to retain all its nutritional benefits, before being packaged in an ampoule or bottle.

sea ​​water

The Benefits of Quinton Water

At the beginning of the 20th century, a certain French physiologist and biologist by the name of René Quinton, demonstrated that many similarities exist between thesea ​​water and the blood plasma. He thus carried out several experiments on animals, tending to prove that seawater transfusion could supplement, or even replace blood transfusion.

The benefits of Quinton’s plasma lie, above all, in a composition similar to blood plasma. It is thus indicated in case of:

  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Deficiency of minerals and trace elements;
  • Temporary depression;
  • Infectious states: conjunctivitis, colds, sinusitis;
  • Digestive weakness, in particular, in the stomach;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Fatigue and vomiting in pregnant women;
  • Hyperactivity and attention disorder;
  • joint inflammation;
  • Skin disorders: eczema, mycosis, psoriasis, pruritus;
  • Spasmophilia.
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Furthermore, Quinton’s water acts as a venous toning. It also plays a role in the prevention of cramps and mineral deficiencies regular athlete. Finally, it provides good support for kidney function.

How (well) to use Quinton’s water?

Quinton water is administered by oral route, in the form of a drinkable ampoule, or else, in a bottle to be diluted. In addition, there is a sprayable form, which is reserved for a external use.

Orally, the recommended dosage is 2 to 4 vials per day. The duration of the treatment should be Three weeks. It can also be renewed 1 or 2 times a year, as required. For optimal effectiveness, care must be taken to keep the contents of the ampoule for one minute under the tongue.

For external use, Quinton’s plasma is applied locally to the irritated areas Where inflamed, in case of psoriasis or eczema, for example. Furthermore, it can be used in nasal spray 1 to 6 times per dayin particular in the event of bleeding from the nose or stuffy nose.

Good to know: Quinton water exists in a version hypertonic and in version isotonic. In other words, in pure version and in diluted version.

Quinton water: precautions for use and contraindications

Quinton’s plasma does not present no side effects. In hypertonic version, that is to say in pure version, it is however contraindicated in case of arterial hypertension, cardiovascular disease, problems of water retention, or even kidney failure.

Furthermore, Quinton’s water, in its hypertonic version, is not recommended for people who follow a salt-free diet, due to its high salt content. It is worth emphasizing that taking Quinton’s plasma should not take place when there is an organ transplant or transplant.

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Finally, the pregnant women should abstain from drinking seawater during pregnancy, at least during the first trimester of pregnancy.

flask filled with Quinton's water

Finally, what to remember?

Quinton’s Plasma is a great dietary supplement to support the body. It is both useful in curative use and in preventive use! In addition, Quinton water does not present any danger to health, provided of course that the dosage and precautions for use attributed to it are respected.

Take care of yourself;