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Complete Analysis of Pure C Liposomal

Pure C Liposomal

Product Name : Pure C Liposomal / Pure Radiance C

Brand: NutriSolution

Manager: NutriSolution.fr

Website: www.nutrisolution.fr

French language

Pitch: Liposomal Vitamin C Supplement

Price: €19.95

Format: Bottle of 30 capsules

Delivery: Fast, free and secure

Warranty: 180 days (100% refund if not satisfied)

Description of Pure C Liposomal:

“Pure C Liposomal” also called “Pure Radiance C” is a boosted vitamin C concentrate (Liposomal) to fight against premature aging and develop a better immune response!

Evaluation of Pure C Liposomal:

We all know the benefits of vitamin C, how important this micronutrient is and how much it can bring to our health.

Indeed, even if we tend to forget it, vitamin C remains one of the most important and powerful micronutrients. It boosts the immune system, helps the body fight inflammation and is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world…

In short, the product that interests us today is a food supplement enriched with vitamin C designed to promote healthy aging, improve the immune system and fight against the visible signs of time. And these are just some of the benefits that come with taking this supplement.

Rather interesting, isn’t it?

So let’s examine “Pure C Liposomal” a little more carefully.

“Pure C Liposomal” in detail:

“Pure C Liposomal” is a vitamin C supplement produced by NutriSolution. Manufactured in a French laboratory certified ISO9001, ISO 22000 and Ecocert, this tablet meets all manufacturing, safety and quality standards in force in France!

It is a quality product made without GMOs, without gluten and without lactose.

Developed using Liposomal technology, a technology that allows maximum absorption of the micronutrient in the body, the formula is 20 times more absorbable than standard vitamin C! This vitamin supplement should therefore be able to give you all the power and benefits of vitamin C.

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We can also read on the official site that it has a much higher bioavailability than standard vitamin c, that it is an antioxidant capable of reducing the damage caused by free radicals, that it supports aging in good health conditions and helps the body develop a better immune defense!

How it works?

The formula proposed by NutriSolution offers us a capsule of vitamin C developed according to a singular process in order to optimize the absorption capacity in an optimal way.

Indeed, vitamin C will circulate more quickly in the body in order to allow it to pass through the digestive system by limiting its degradation as much as possible, thus allowing it to offer all the benefits for which it is responsible.

The manufacturing process of “pure c liposomal” is carried out in 3 steps:

1. Vitamin C fermentation

The fermentation step is carried out exclusively in a natural way in order to produce a form of vitamin C that is found naturally in nature. It is high quality vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) with very high bioavailability!

2. Protection against acidity

This step consists of improving absorption capacity and comfort by countering the effects of the pH of ascorbic acid, thus avoiding digestive disorders at the same time!

3. Liposomal Encapsulation and Delivery

Last but not least is the step of protecting the sensitive vitamin c molecules from the harsh environment they must travel through before entering the bloodstream.

To do this, NutriSolution to encapsulate vitamin C in nanoscopic liposomes, it is in fact a question of locking vitamin C in tiny cells of good fats so that it can pass through the entire digestive system without alteration and melt in the intestinal wall to be diffused directly into the blood!

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Thanks to this manufacturing system, vitamin C is delivered in an optimal state and can make you enjoy the maximum of all the benefits of which it has the secret!

What are the benefits of “Pure C Liposomal”?

The benefits are in fact the same as those advertised with standard vitamin cures, except that here, all these benefits are optimized, more powerful and therefore more effective!

This food supplement will for example have a greater anti-aging action, it will also have a positive role on cognitive functions, on physical performance, on the beauty of hair and nails, on the skin…

It will also play an important role in the fight against diseases such as colds, gout, or cardiovascular diseases to name a few.

Without forgetting that it will above all contribute to a better general state of health and allow you to better benefit from the benefits of the nutrients contained in your daily diet such as iron, vitamin E or zinc…

Further information :

Pure C Liposomal“Pure C Liposomal” is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, made with a vegetable capsule, it is certified OMG-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and without artificial flavors or colors.

Accepted means of payment are payment by check, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

The entire online payment process is secured using SSL data encryption technology.

Deliveries are dispatched within 72 hours.

Customer support, based in France, is accessible by phone at and by email sav@nutrisolution.fr

This product is sold with a 180 day ‘Satisfied or Refunded’ guarantee!

Disadvantages of Pure C Liposomal:

I did not find any major drawbacks with this product.

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Reputation of Pure C Liposomal:

All agree that Liposomal Vitamin C provides tremendous benefits over standard Vitamin C dietary supplements.

Reviews of “Pure C Liposomal” are good and refer to an effective dietary supplement.

Conclusion for Pure C Liposomal:

“Pure C Liposomal” seems, according to the observation that we have been able to make on the Net, to be a very effective vitamin C supplement which should protect us from colds and other minor seasonal illnesses.

Official website: www.nutrisolution.fr

Go to the official website: Pure C Liposomal