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Full Review of ProBreast Plus

ProBreast Plus

Product Name : ProBreast Plus

Brand: ProBreast Plus

Responsible: Key Player Limited.

Website: www.probreastplus.fr

French language

Pitch: Augmentation and firming of the breasts.

Price: €59.00

Format: Tube of 60ml + bottle of 60 capsules

Delivery: 3-5 working days.

Warranty: 90 days (100% refund if not satisfied)

Description from ProBreast Plus:

“ProBreast Plus” is an at-home female breast enlargement therapy. It consists of a food supplement and a cream specially designed to act from the inside and the outside to increase the size and improve the appearance of the breasts in a natural way without surgery!

Evaluation from ProBreast Plus:

“ProBreast plus” is an innovative product for people who want to increase the size of their breasts without going through injections or surgery. It is a combination of two products based on natural ingredients which, according to the official website, act quickly and give a very satisfactory result.

But, is this really the case?

So let’s see without further delay everything you need to know about this natural breast augmentation solution.

“ProBreast Plus” in detail!

“ProBreast Plus” is designed to help you increase the size and firmness of your breasts naturally. In reality, it is a combination of two products made from natural ingredients; namely, “ProBreast Plus Gelule” and “ProBreast Plus Cream”.

The capsules are designed to increase the level of estrogen, female sex hormones, in the body. They also have the mission of stimulating the mammary glands.

The second product is a topical cream. It contains several active ingredients that promote breast enlargement. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it contributes to the production of collagen and elastin which optimize the firmness of the skin and its elasticity.

How does “ProBreast Plus” work?

As mentioned before, “ProBreastPlus” is made up of two products. It is therefore a duo that includes a dietary supplement and a breast enlargement cream. Both products include active ingredients that can increase breast size naturally.

Obviously, the capsules are consumed orally and will therefore act from the inside. They provide the body with the ingredients needed to nourish and regenerate cells as well as to stimulate the production of estrogen and improve hormonal balance.

As for the cream, it is applied to the breasts and contributes to their growth. By moisturizing the skin, it also prevents sagging skin and the risk of stretch marks.

The capsules and cream, combined, can tone pectoral muscles, optimize breast tissue growth and improve blood circulation. They will optimize the resistance and firmness of the skin around the breasts!

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The components of both products:

“Probreast plus” capsules and cream are made with 100% safe, carefully selected and certified natural ingredients. Moreover, based on plant extracts, they are tolerated by the body and the skin.


Fenugreek is a leguminous plant renowned for its medicinal properties. Its ability to increase breast size has been well known to women for hundreds of years. This ingredient is full of phytoestrogen, elements endowed with an estrogenic action. They stimulate the sexual glands of women by acting on the endocrine system.

It also promotes estrogen secretion. However, the increase in the level of female sex hormones in the body causes an increase in the volume of the breast. This is a phenomenon observed in pregnant women. Fenugreek is also rich in nutrients, including vitamins C and A and lecithin. These elements promote the development of breast tissue.


Fennel is also an ally for women who want to enlarge their breasts. It is one of the ingredients that have a great list of health benefits. For what interests us here, it is a plant with a high estrogen content. This allows it to increase breast volume in a sustainable way.


Also known as a breast augmentation plant, hops is on the list of key ingredients in capsules and creams designed to improve the size and appearance of women’s breasts. Its ability to develop breast volume has been well known for ages. Rich in flavonoids, hops can indeed regulate the production of hormones. In addition, it contains phytoestrogens having the same function as estrogen.


Known as Calendula officinalis, marigold is a plant widely used in cosmetics. It is used in the manufacture of gels, creams, balms and ointments due to its beneficial effects on the skin. Indeed, it is rich in flavonoids, carotenoids and antioxidants. Not only does calendula help increase breast size, but it can also firm and nourish the skin.

sweet almond oil

With moisturizing and nourishing properties, sweet almond oil is known for its many benefits for the skin. Its main asset is its ability to promote the growth of skin cells. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which allows it to give optimal firmness to your breasts.


It is an amino acid with antioxidant action. In other words, it is a better weapon to prevent cellular aging. L-Tyrosine will firm the skin and give your breasts a fuller look. She will therefore fight against flabby-looking breasts.

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“ProBreast Plus”, mode of use and results.

The mode of use to enlarge the breasts is simple, just swallow two capsules a day (one in the morning, one in the evening) with a large glass of water. You should also apply the cream to the breasts twice a day, while making light massage movements. The skin must be clean and dry! This allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work effectively. There is no need to wash after applying the cream. It is completely absorbed by the skin.

According to the manufacturer, the first effects are visible after only two weeks of use. The breasts begin to show a transformation. The “probreast plus” complex gives optimal results after two months of regular use. Indeed, the breasts gain in volume and firmness. They become plumper, harder to the touch and above all, more beautiful. Depending on your natural predisposition, you may enjoy an increase of up to two cups!

What about side effects?

“Probreast Plus” capsules and cream are made with safe, approved and carefully selected ingredients. In addition, the products have been tested. Clinical studies confirm that they are well tolerated by the body and the skin and should not cause any adverse effects!

What are the advantages of this duo?

“ProBreast Plus” presents itself as a better alternative to the placement of silicone breast implants and hormone injections. The dietary supplement and cream that make up this solution can make breasts look bigger and firmer within just two months.

Another plus of the cream/pill duo is that the product has no harmful side effects for the body!

Indeed, according to the manufacturer, women can use it safely. It is a safe product that has been studied. We can read on the official website that 92% of women who tested “ProBreast plus” saw their breasts double in size without experiencing any adverse effects.

The advantage of the product is that if it enlarges the chest, it also improves its support, without weighing it down!

Of course, its ease of use must be included on the list of assets. Indeed, there is no protocol or specific conditions to be respected. Just take one capsule in the morning and evening and apply the cream to the breasts daily.

To top it off, “ProBreast Plus” comes with a 90-day warranty. During this period, users can enjoy a refund in case of dissatisfaction.

Further information :

ProBreast PlusThe ProBreast Plus product is available for sale on the brand’s official website. Ordering is done online only.

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Payment is by debit/credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery (+ €15.00). The online payment system is secured by SSL data encryption.

Deliveries are made with care, they take 3 to 5 working days.

Customer support is accessible via an online form.

Every sale comes with a 90 day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

Disadvantages from ProBreast Plus:

Most of the reviews are quite good for this product but there are still a few comments that throw a shadow on the board!

What emerges from consumers who are not completely satisfied

Unfortunately, “ProBreast Plus” doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Some women say they got no results even after several months of use!

In addition, the results vary greatly from person to person. Indeed, some testimonials announce the first results in just 1 week while others state that it takes 2 to 3 months to notice a real improvement!

Some users speak of breast tenderness in the nipples from the first days of use!


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose on the packaging and keep out of reach of young children!

Even though the product is rated as 100% safe and harmless, some ingredients in the product’s formula may in rare cases cause side effects such as breast pain, stomach pain or trouble sleeping. .

In the event of undesirable effects, the treatment must be stopped and, if the symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

“ProBreast Plus” is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and women under 18 years of age.

In addition, in case of health problem, it is strongly advised to consult a doctor before using this product. Similarly, if you are under medical prescription or if you have the slightest doubt, it is important to seek advice from a health professional!

Reputation from ProBreast Plus:

The reputation of this product is good because even if there are divergent opinions, the majority of testimonials are positive!

Moreover, by looking at the company (Key Player Limited), we realize that it is a serious box that respects its customers as well as its commitments!

Conclusion for ProBreast Plus:

Everything indicates, according to what we have found on the web, that “ProBreast Plus” is an effective breast augmentation solution capable of not only increasing the size of your breasts but also improving the beauty of your breasts!

Not to mention that this product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Official website: probreastplus.fr

Access the official website: ProBreast Plus