We designed our packages in a simple, easy to understand way so you can just Point...Click...Poof! and be on your way to your brand spanking new WordPress website. Check out our three options below and be sure to click for more details. There was no way we could list all the goodies you'll get on these small little graphics.

And if you don't see what you need here, no worries. We can come up with a custom quote for you. If the words "custom quote" scare you - they shouldn't. Custom doesn't have to mean budget-busting. We're a small business, too and we understand budget constraints. Tell us what you need, how much your budget allows, and we'll give you a quote that will be sure to make you do a happy dance.

Bonus! We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. We design until you are happy.

"Jennifer has helped me streamline my website to make it user friendly for the consumer as well as beautiful. She really thinks things through and has caught many issues that I wouldn't have thought of. She is patient, warm, creative and accountable. Thank you Jennifer for a job well done!"

Diana Gordon, Ketér Salon

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