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Our opinion on Fitaya: Sport with Maddy, Benji and Florent

We investigated the programs offered by Fitaya: the site offering sports coaching with subscription monthly. This sports platform is very well made and promoted by reality TV celebrities.

Why are they promoting it? It’s easy to understand, the company MAMAIA who manages the website to Benjamin Samat, his father (Marc Samat), Florent André and his sister (Mélanie André). It’s legitimate to want to do business as a family!

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What does the Fitaya site offer?

The site offers various sports programs with progressive coaching. Their promise? Provide you with a whole bunch of features to help you exercise:

  • online coaches,
  • free sessions,
  • Statistics,
  • A personalized program,
  • A diary,
  • Your evolution in photos

The concept is clear: focus on your goals in order to achieve them while being accompanied. Among the best known programs you have:

  • Weight loss,
  • The zen attitude,
  • The summer body (basically still weight loss),
  • Programs for pregnant women,
  • and especially coaching with influencers as “guests”!

This brand is making a lot of noise because it is promoted by reality TV stars because this type of online coaching has been around for a long time. For example, Tibo Inshape offers a fairly identical site (but which does not offer a subscription).

What is our opinion on Fitaya?

According to the many customer reviews found on the internet, we are able to draw up an almost exhaustive opinion on this coaching platform. We do not recommend using this site for training. The site seems to be in its infancy and customer reviews on the net are unanimous: it looks like a failed launch!

The tacit renewal of the subscription

When you want to register and start a program, you must accept the general conditions of sale. These indicate that at the end of the first month, the subscription will be renewed without user action. Some customers feel aggrieved by this system. Note that this is the same for 3 month and 6 month subscriptions.

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A bug on direct debits

Some people who subscribed in 2020 had direct debits in 2022 when they had long since unsubscribed. The site seems to have had a technical problem at this level. What to be a little afraid of…

A complicated unsubscription

Many customers report difficulties in unsubscribing. In the general conditions it is indicated that an email must be sent to an address: contact@fitaya.fr however many say they have received no response.

An application that seems wobbly

There seem to be a lot of bugs regarding the proposed app. Some users even mention the impossibility of practicing.

In conclusion

We recommend that you take your precautions with Fitaya which seems to be an extremely highlighted platform but for not much. You should weigh the pros and cons before signing up. Be aware that there are many sports coaches offering very complete programs on the internet, and without subscription.

If you wish, we can provide it to you if you express your wish in the comments. Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience with this site!

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