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Oily hair: 5 home remedies to regulate excess sebum

Pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance, or even a diet that leaves something to be desired, there are many factors at the origin of excess sebum. In case of oily hair, only one solution is needed: resort to grandmother’s remedies! Focus on natural treatments to regulate excess sebum and put an end to oily hair for good.

Oily hair: what to do to regulate excess sebum? (5 grandmother’s remedies)

aloe vera

It is the beauty ally par excellence. Rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, aloe vera Has nourishing properties and detoxifying, which help limit excess sebum. The aloe vera gel thus has the effect of releasing impurities and strengthening the roots. It is thus a very good hair care, making the hair soft and healthy.

For purified hair, make a mixture based on aloe vera gelof juice fresh lemon and of shampoo. To do this, you will need a teaspoon of aloe vera gel, homemade or store-bought, a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a dose of mild shampoo. Mix the three ingredients, then wash your hair with the mixture. Let the treatment act a few minutesbefore rinsing with clean water: voila!

Baking soda to regulate excess sebum

Baking soda, when dissolved in water, is a great cleanser soft. Like apple cider vinegar, it helps balance the pH of the scalp. But that’s not all: baking soda, being alkaline by nature, it is effective in regulating sebum. In addition, it is very useful for removing limescale and pollution residues.

Mix some baking soda in powder and of thewater, so as to obtain a creamy paste. Apply the paste obtained on damp hair, insisting well on the scalp. Moreover, do not hesitate to massage the scalp for more efficiency! Leave the baking soda hair mask on for a twenties minutesbefore rinsing off with lukewarm water.

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Did you know ? Baking soda can be a good alternative to dry shampoo. To do this, nothing could be easier: just put a little baking soda in the palm of your hand, then rub your hair with the powder, and finally, brush it.

baking soda to regulate excess sebum oily hair

Green clay

Widely used in homemade cosmetic treatments, green clay is a formidable weapon for regulating excess sebum in the case of oily hair. The reason ? She is extremely absorbent ! It thus stands out as an excellent grandmother’s remedy to purify the hair in depth.

As a mask, mixGreen clay withwater, so as to obtain a relatively homogeneous paste. Then, apply the clay hair care all over the hair, paying particular attention to the scalp. Leave the mask on twenty minutes, before rinsing with clear water. Thanks to the virtues of clay, say goodbye to excess sebum and toxins in the hair!

Apple cider vinegar to regulate excess sebum

No need to spend tens of euros on hair products full of silicone and sulphate to no longer have greasy hair. Apple cider vinegar is, indeed, a solution economic and practice to regulate excess sebum naturally. Rich in acetic acid, cider vinegar regulates the pH of the scalp and, by extension, the secretion of sebum.

After washing your hair with a mild shampoo, rinse it with a mixture of cider vinegar and D’water. Note that it takes two tablespoons of cider vinegar for a glass of water. Let the hair lotion act a few minutes on the hair, before rinsing with cold water.

Good to know: cider vinegar can be replaced by lemon. Lemon juice has the advantage of providing hair with vitamins and essential minerals, in addition, to regulate the pH of the scalp. Be careful, however, if used too frequently, it can significantly dry out the hair.

apple cider vinegar and apples on a blue background


Nettle is a plant that has many benefits for the hair. Rich in vitamins B, VS, Ein zinc and in silica, nettle tones the hair and strengthens it. It is therefore a good treatment to limit hair loss. Nettle is, in fact, an ideal plant to regulate sebum production and eliminate dandruff naturally. In short, nettle is a great asset for the hair.

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In case of oily hair, prepare a infusion made of fresh nettle leaves. Let it sit overnight before using it. The next day, strain the decoction, then apply it to the scalp, preferably clean. Ideally, shampoo before putting on the rinsing lotion. For more efficiency, do not hesitate to perform a massage tonic of the scalp. Finally, proceed with the usual styling of your hair: admire the result!

Take care of yourself and your hair;