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Offer ecological gifts: why and which ones to choose?

Ecological gifts are welcome in a world where questions related to the protection of the environment arise more and more. Indeed, espousing the ecological cause is one thing, but carrying out concrete actions to demonstrate it is another. What ecological gifts can we give and why should we do it? We invite you to discover everything in this article.

Why give ecological gifts?

There are many benefits to giving eco-friendly or zero-waste gifts. Some see it as an opportunity to defend a cause, and others as a clever marketing stunt.

Awareness intensifies

We can no longer hide the fact that there is a real awareness of the urgency of safeguarding the planet. Offering an ecological gift is an opportunity to show your commitment and provoke it in other people.

They are not expensive

Contrary to what one might think, finding the ideal gift that respects the environment does not mean having to spend a lot of money. To have better returns on investment, the manufacture of certain products is outsourced, and the consequences on the environment are harmful. In return, we have the impression of buying cheaper, while the price takes into account:

  • Manufacturing costs;
  • Workforce ;
  • Supply chain expenses, etc.

On the other hand, with an ecological object made on site, the purchase price does not take all these elements into account.

It’s also a marketing trick

For a company, offering ecological gifts to its customers is a way to communicate around its values. Many companies are involved in the preservation of nature. The use of ecological products is also a marketing opportunity for her.

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What are the characteristics of an ecological product?

The objective behind a gift is most often to show a person the interest that one carries to him. However, when it comes to the ecological cause, the gift must respect a certain number of criteria.

It is not expensive

As mentioned above, believing that an ecological gift is necessarily expensive is absolutely wrong. Indeed, there are many ecological gifts that you can offer to your loved ones or your customers for modest sums.

It is sustainable

An ecological gift should also be sustainable over time. Indeed, even if it is not expensive, it must be made from materials whose longevity is increased, and which resist the wear and tear of time, and this, even if they are washed and cleaned several times. occasions.

It is reusable

To choose an ecological gift, it is also necessary to insist on its reusable character. This is also the case with ecological bags which are trying to gradually replace plastic bags.

Which ecological gifts to choose?

Contrary to what one might think, it is not difficult to find the right ecological gift. Rather, you are spoiled for choice.

Plants or what to garden

If in addition the person who is to receive the gift already espouses the ecological cause, he will be delighted to receive plants. Even if this is not the case, people are generally happy when they can have a piece of nature in their home. You can also offer accessories for the maintenance of a garden.

A decorative object in certified wood

The market for decorative items today is flooded with plastic products. Offering one made of wood can initially be an opportunity to do things differently. Moreover, if you want to give a gift to a child at Christmas, a wooden toy is much more suitable than a toy with synthetic materials.

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An ethical garment

Most of the time, the first instinct of people who want to buy new clothes is to go to the big brands. Advertising has a lot to do with it. However, there are other alternatives to this type of clothing. Some brands offer recycled items that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Reusable accessories

The possibilities of reusable accessories you can gift are endless. For example, you can buy bags, lids or silicone containers. It is also a great way to minimize the use of plastic versions of this type of accessories. It should also be remembered that offering objects whose use is almost daily can be very well seen.