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nuvagenicNUVAGENIC is a slimming pill that contains extracts of the famous African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensisfrom his real name).

Unfortunately, we first heard about this product due to complaints from consumers who indicated that they did not receive their order despite the payment amounts being withdrawn from their accounts.
Despite everything, we decided to give Nuvagenic the benefit of the doubt and check if it can be your next weight loss medicine!

Nuvagenic promises to help you lose weight naturally, quickly, and most importantly, safely.
We know that’s what all weight loss supplements promise, but we’re going to test this new pill before we give you our verdict.

Presentation by Nuvagenic

Nuvagenic is a relatively new slimming pill.
It’s marketed via a flash website with loads of models flaunting their slim waists, along with ‘before/after’ photos paired with alleged testimonials from users who have lost weight dramatically. There are even some who have lost 20 kilos or more.
We will see in what follows if these allegations are real and founded.

The manufacturer of Nuvagenic indicates that its formula was developed in the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon and promises weight loss amounting to 4 kg per month if you take Nuvagenic and follow a diet and a sports program.

As we know, African Mango extracts are very popular ingredients nowadays, which are part of the composition of several slimming pills.
In this sense, Nuvagenic does not bring anything new and is part of the already existing range of weight loss drugs based on African Mango.

Unfortunately, Nuvagenic has been the subject of a large number of consumer complaints.
Several consumers have not received their already paid order, and then failed to contact the manufacturer to claim a refund or at least the delivery of their supplement.

The official Nuvagenic website does not provide complete information about the producing company, nor does it give exact information about where the pill was produced.
Nuvagenic ships worldwide, probably through local resellers, but it appears to ship mostly from the United States.

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Nuvagenic is owned by Down Range Ltd, a UK company founded in 2011.
However, upon further investigation, we discovered that this company is identified as a non-commercial company. This did not fail to raise our suspicions, especially since Nuvagenic is present everywhere on the net, in several countries.

Nuvagenic Scam ALERT:
No complete and detailed list of ingredients, a large number of consumer complaints and it is impossible to contact the manufacturer to make a complaint.

What Nuvagenic wanna do for you

Nuvagenic claims to help you “find your dream body” and its 4 essential actions are:

  • Remove superfluous kilos;
  • Make your body firmer;
  • Strengthen your metabolism;
  • Increase your energy.

The manufacturer’s claims would be based on the super-ingredients that make up the Nuvagenic pill, and which would – moreover – be recommended by doctors. Moreover, while visiting the site, you will notice the photo of a gentleman in a white coat holding a bottle of Nuvagenic pills. We rather have the impression that it is about an actor and or a subject who poses for money.

Nuvagenic would also be recommended by consumers around the world. Yet, we could not find any real positive testimonials about this supplement.

Ingredients by Nuvagenic

Nuvagenic is a slimming pill that contains African Mango extract, along with 4 other ingredients.
These ingredients, to be frank, sound interesting; but we don’t know the exact composition, so we can’t know if they are present in effective doses or not.

And even if the ingredients have been clinically tested separately, it remains important to us that the tests relate to their total combination, that is to say the mixture contained in the same pill.
Because even though there are some good ingredients, we keep wondering if combining them in one pill will have an effective weight loss effect?
The lack of information on the exact dosage does not allow us to answer this question.

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Several researches have been done on African Mango extracts. They have proven that they can cause moderate weight loss.
However, research has been done on natural extracts only. Extracts synthesized in pill form have not yet been tested.
See also our article on this ingredient.

It is the famous Brazilian super food rich in antioxidants and whose beneficial effects on health are innumerable.
Some research suggests that it helps increase metabolism.

Green tea is an antioxidant food that can speed up metabolism and stimulate fat burning.

Caffeine powder has a strong stimulating power.
However, when consumed in high doses it can cause several side effects including heart rate.

It is a natural anti inflammatory that contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Side effects by Nuvagenic

We think Nuvagenic is a safe pill, but it may contain a high amount of caffeine and therefore could harm some people.

High doses of caffeine increase the energy level in the body, but can lead to some side effects like sleep disturbances, nervousness, increased heart rate, mood swings and headaches.
To learn more about the effects of this substance, read this article Wikipedia.

Are there any user testimonials ?

It is very difficult to find real testimonials from Nuvagenic consumers.
Unfortunately, the majority of feedback comes from users who are still waiting for their orders to be delivered. And most of these people are starting to feel like they’ve been scammed.

The complaints come from consumers in various countries around the world.
The escalating number of complaints has considerably damaged the reputation of Nuvagenic and the company that markets it.

Does Nuvagenic will succeed to make you losing weight ?

three-vials-nuvagenicNuvagenic could help you lose weight… or not!
On the official website, the manufacturer indicates that it is necessary to follow a diet and a sports program to observe the most modest weight loss that can be said.

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The average weight loss is assumed to be 4 kg per month, or one kg per week.
This average can be reached just by combining diet and sport!
Moreover, with the caffeine contained in Nuvagenic, you would feel more active and you could automatically do more sport.
A coffee to replace Nuvagenic, anyone?

The real problem with Nuvagenic is that we don’t know exactly how much of each component it contains to be able to judge its effectiveness.
Without scientific proof or documented clinical study in support, we cannot rely on the manufacturer’s statements alone!

The other major problem is that it is almost impossible to test it, because apparently no one has been able to receive it!
There is a real delivery problem and a large number of Internet users have paid money without actually receiving their supplements.

On Nuvagenic’s Facebook page, comments and complaints abound in all languages ​​and from all countries.
Couldn’t be a simple coincidence, something is seriously wrong!

How get Nuvagenic ?

Nuvagenic can be ordered via the official product website or on the manufacturer’s Facebook page.

Its price becomes very high when you add the delivery costs.
For a bottle of 30 pills, which corresponds to a cure of one month, you will have to pay around 51.30 euros.

What Warranty does Nuvagenic offer?

There is no satisfied or refunded guarantee.

You may return defective products, but you should contact the company in advance.
However, we will not refund your order, nor will we replace purchased supplements.
According to the manufacturer, the return is accepted if you are not satisfied or if the pill does not work.

Alternative at Nuvagenic

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Last update: September 14, 2022.