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Negative thoughts: how to get rid of them? (10 tips)

Negative thoughts can cause a lot of suffering. They can also be a real obstacle in life. But then, what to do to get rid of it? Focus on tips for getting rid of negative thoughts.

How to get rid of negative thoughts?


Meditation is a great tool for getting rid of negative thoughts. The benefits of meditation on body and mind are indeed numerous.

A busy day can be the source of a lot ofhustle. A single minute of meditation can thus be enough to find a calm and peaceful mind. You have to understand the meditation session as a restart, in a way. Once the mind is relaxed and cleared, it is easier to take a step back on negative thoughts, and therefore, to drive them away.

Accept the situation

L’acceptance is a key to moving forward and keeping morale up over the long term. There is no point, in fact, in fighting your demons: you must above all accept them in order to overcome them!

If dark thoughts invade you, do not ignore them. On the contrary, observe them and ask yourself the following questions: “why are his thoughts there?”, “where do they come from?”, “what do they tell me about myself?”… By accepting the thoughts that cross you, whether positive or negative, you will integrate them, and therefore, you will free yourself from them.

Don’t keep too much in yourself

Withdrawing into oneself is never the solution. And even less, to get rid of negative thoughts!

To get better, the best thing to do is to talk about it with someone you trust, who can help you solve the problems you are facing, if there is any! It happens, in fact, that certain negative thoughts are not the result of real problems, but rather the fruit of an overflowing imagination. Talking can help put things into perspective.

women who support each other psychologically

Express gratitude

It is not uncommon to focus only on the negative aspects of life. And that’s a shame !

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If the negative thoughts are too present, then train yourself to focus on the positive things that have happened to you during the day. A pretty landscape, a thoughtful gesture, a smile… these are small things that can brighten up the dayif you pay attention to it.

Take another point of view

Negative thoughts are, above all, a matter of perspective. It happens, in fact, to perceive events as problems instead of apprehending them as challenges to be overcome.

For example, instead of thinking: “I am going through a difficult period and I have problems”, why not see things differently: “I am facing hardships, but I am doing my best to find solutions”.

Practice a physical activity

Sport is a cure for many ailments. Practicing physical activity is, in fact, a good way to escape from everyday lifeif only for a short time.

Yoga is one of the best sports, if not the best sport, to silence intrusive thoughts. More than just a practice, yoga is a Art of living. It is a complete physical activity for the body as well as for the mind!

Change body language

Body language says a lot about themental state. Paying attention to your body language and correcting it, if necessary, can help you feel better. And, thus, free yourself from negative thoughts!

Frowning sources, being slouched with a closed position… Body language can strongly impact theself-image and lead to a lack of self-confidence. It can also create a fertile ground for the occurrence of negative thoughts.

To approach life serenely, it is essential to take care of body language. To do this, sit as straight as possible, open your position and smile more: voila!

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Give free rein to creativity

Singing, drawing, writing, painting… Finding a creative outlet can be the ideal solution to fight against negative thoughts! Creativity acts as a self-therapy. It not only helps to improve mood, but also to explore emotions in depth.

woman doing creative art to get rid of negative thoughts

Take time for yourself

Either way, it’s important to show up patient and indulgent with himself. Getting rid of negative thoughts is, in fact, not easy, especially if they are well established.

Reading, taking a bath, walking in nature… Taking time for yourself is

one of the best things you can do to calm yourself down.

Take nothing for granted

Negative thoughts form without our realizing it. Whose fault is it ? To the subconscious force of the mindsure !

It is important to keep in mind that it is impossible to permanently get rid of negative thoughts. That’s why you have to be constantly on the alert! In order not to lose your footing, regularly ask yourself the following question: “Do you feel depressed?”. If this is the case, then take a notebook and write down the negative thoughts, then ask yourself: “Are they rational?”, “How did they form?”…

Take care of yourself and your mental health;