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Complete Analysis of Mincibiote


Product Name : Mincibiota


Manager: Complinov Laboratories

Website: www.m6boutique.com

French language

Pitch: Microbiota slimming food supplement.

Price: €39.99

Format: pill box of 30 pills

Delivery: Colissimo with tracking

Warranty: 15 days

Description of Mincibiota:

“Mincibiote” is a double-action slimming pill that restores the balance of the intestinal flora and increases the metabolism of fats and sugars to restore your body’s full capacity to eliminate the extra pounds.

Evaluation of Mincibiota:

“Mincibiote” is a slimming protocol made available to people who wish to lose weight. It can be an alternative to the hard-to-hold slimming diet. The program also restores the balance of the intestinal flora. Born from an innovative concept, it promises, according to the manufacturer, an interesting result.

So let’s take a closer look at all of this together.

“Mincibiote”, what is it?

Many scientific studies have revealed the existence of a correlation between weight loss and the balance of the intestinal flora or as it is called today, the microbiota. To be more specific, the imbalance of the microbiota can reduce, or even prevent, the body’s ability to eliminate the extra pounds. “Mincibiote” is above all a slimming program designed according to this concept. It has two specific actions.

The first is to boost the metabolism, which allows weight loss while the second is to rebalance all the micro-organisms living in our belly. But “mincibiote” is also a dietary supplement with slimming properties. It comes in the form of bilayer tablets.

The food supplement in question was made with plant extracts. “Mincibiote” comes with a booklet. It includes dietary advice that improves the results obtained. Added to all this is sports support, which includes physical exercise sessions to improve the figure.

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The characteristics of “Mincibiote”:

The success of the slimming program depends above all on the actions of the “mincibiote” dietary supplement. As indicated previously, it is a tablet comprising two layers, each having a specific action. And, the ingredients that make them up are different.

The role of the first layer

The first layer of the tablet has an ‘Intestinal Flora Action’. In other words, it contains active ingredients that rebalance the intestinal flora.

The ingredients that make up this layer are Myrrh extract which promotes the purification of the intestine. There are also lactic ferments such as Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus rhamonosus and Bifidobacterium longum. To all this is added the extract of Chicory whose function is to improve the growth of bacteria which boost the intestinal microbiota.

The role of the second layer

The second layer of the tablet has a ‘Slimming Metabolism Action’. It therefore contains active ingredients that promote the burning of fat and improve the metabolism of sugars.

The ingredients that make up this second layer are Coleus extract, a great ally to dislodge fat. It is also necessary to quote the extract of Banaba having the capacity to support the metabolism of sugars. Finally, there is also Mate extract which can boost the body’s drainage and optimize resistance to fatigue.

Complete list of ingredients:

Plant extracts

Chicory root extract (Cichorium intybus) 100 mg; Mate leaf extract (Ilex paraguariensis): 120 mg; Myrrh resin extract (Commiphora mukul) 100 mg; Coleus root extract (Plectranthus barbatus) 100 mg;

Charge Agent

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Microcrystalline Cellulose; lactic ferments (Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium longum) 50 mg*; Banaba leaf extract: (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.) 40 mg;

Anti-caking agents

Magnesium carbonate, magnesium stearate

How to use “MinciBiote”:

“Mincibiote” is a slimming program to be followed over a period of 30 days. The package includes 30 pills, in other words, you should take 1 pill a day.

To obtain the expected results, one tablet should be taken before the midday meal.

Be aware that it is essential to respect the dietary advice mentioned in the booklet included in the package and also to perform the recommended physical exercises!

What are the advantages of the product?

Mincibiota“Mincibiote” is a slimming program that is quite simple to use. In addition, it allows users to improve their health because, according to the sales site:

– it promotes the cleansing of the intestine
– it promotes the growth of the good intestinal flora and in particular Bifidobacteria
– it promotes the destocking of fats
– it promotes the metabolism of sugars
– it promotes drainage
– it helps to resist fatigue

To better understand the functioning and the action of the product, you can download the documentation of “Mincibiote” and the user manual.

Further information :

The product comes in a bottle of 30 capsules.

The “Mincibiote” user manual includes a food program, some nutrition advice and a short sports training program.

This weight loss dietary supplement should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should also be protected from sunlight.

Disadvantages of Mincibiota:

Know that taking this dietary supplement cannot replace the adoption of a balanced and varied diet combined with regular physical activity!

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In addition, the food program and the sports training guide are limited to the bare minimum!

The food supplement “mincibiote” is only reserved for adults. It is also prohibited for pregnant women, wishing to have a child, breastfeeding women, diabetics and victims of heart problems.

The recommended dose should not be exceeded as excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Reputation of Mincibiota:

Being new to the market, the reputation of this product is almost non-existent, so the following should be taken with a grain of salt.

That being said, the few testimonials that we found on “MinciBiote” are not yet convincing as regards the fight against obesity.

Also note that it was not possible for us to find any information on the Complinov laboratories, responsible for this product!

Conclusion for Mincibiote:

“Mincibiote” seems, according to the opinions of the Net, not to be a very effective slimming dietary supplement. Indeed, it may be effective on the intestinal flora (to be checked…) but in terms of weight loss, the results unfortunately do not seem to be there!

Official website: www.m6boutique.com

Here, on the other hand, for those who are interested, an alternative designed to boost the microbiota which will not only improve and stabilize intestinal health but also increase mental faculties, promote weight loss and increase vitality on a daily basis!

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