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slimming-24-fort-by-forte-pharmaMINCEUR 24 FORT uses chronobiology knowledge to offer a supplement that should both help you burn fat, help control your weight, and improve the appearance of your skin.

Our survey will tell you if Minceur 24 Fort keeps its promises.

Presentation and Promises of Minceur 24 Fort

As we have already mentioned, Minceur 24 Fort uses the principles of chronobiology to advertise to consumers “24 hour weight loss”.
On the official website, we can read that the 24 Fort Slimming Pills benefit from a formulation that “builds on 10 years of success and expertise in chronobioslimming”.

The actions of Minceur 24 Fort are as follows:

  • Activation of elimination;
  • Stimulation of fat burning;
  • Regulation of fatty acid metabolism;
  • Regulation of blood sugar and assimilation of sugars;
  • Maintenance and firming of the skin;
  • Activation of fat destocking;
  • Limitation of fat storage.

The dosage recommended by the manufacturer is 1 “Day” capsule before breakfast, then one “Night” capsule before dinner, each time accompanied by a large glass of water.
The cure is 1 month, renewable until the desired weight is obtained.

Slimming 24 Fort, the manufacturer

These are the Forté Pharma laboratories which are at the origin of these slimming pills.
This French company, based in Monaco, was founded in 1999 and, for fifteen years, has become one of the leaders on the European market for food supplements.
Today Forte Pharma is part of the Spanish group Reig Jofre.

Forte Pharma asserts itself on the world market thanks to the respect of the following commitments:

  • A desire to “optimize everyone’s health capital”;
  • “Solutions with formulas of natural origin”;
  • Rigorous quality controls.

24 Fort Weight Loss Pills Ingredients

First of all, let’s quickly recall what the principles of chronobiology consist of.
As we have already mentioned, researchers in chronobiology, which is defined as a discipline that deals with the study of biological rhythms, have discovered that the organism has maximum and minimum phases, during which it is more or less receptive. It is therefore a question of providing the active ingredients necessary for weight loss at the right time, to ensure optimal bioavailability of the organism, better assimilation of substances and respect for the internal rhythms of the body.

The 24 fort slimming pills contain two forms of ingredients, those of the day and those of the night.

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Ingredients of the day pill:

The day pill consists of the following ingredients:
1. Horsetail:
Horsetail is a diuretic plant well known for its draining properties.
Thanks to its richness in flavonoids and saponins, it activates the elimination of waste and toxins by natural means.
2. Chilli:
The active substance in peppers is capsaicin, which stimulates the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline, 2 hormones that are involved in the burning of sugars and fats.
Chilli also helps reduce appetite, again thanks to its action on adrenaline.
But that’s not all ! Chilli activates the metabolism and increases the amount of energy, and therefore calories, expended. It promotes fat oxidation and reduces calorie intake.
3. Zinc:
Zinc participates in the regulation of blood sugar and has a stimulating action on the production of leptin, a hormone which increases the feeling of satiety and reduces appetite.

Ingredients of the night pill:

The night pill contains the following ingredients:
1. Oxylia Ox:
We contacted the manufacturer to find out more about this ingredient. We received a quick and thorough response, and here we provide you with information about Oxylia Ox:

Oxylia-Ox is an exclusive Forte Pharma ingredient. You won’t find it in any other formula on the market. This ingredient is the result of a research partnership with a Japanese company and has been the subject of a clinical study (Scientific study OXY-517-78KN/TY, Sept.2012 – 40 people – 60 days) for greater efficiency.

Its main action is to act on the regulation of glycaemia for a limiting effect on the storage of fats by enzymatic inhibition of alpha-glucosidase.

Oxylia-Ox is a 100% natural complex, with the following composition: Olea europea (olive tree) + Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) + Phaseolus vulgaris (white bean).
Phaseolus vulgaris
The bean pod is rich in cellulosic fibres, pectins, tannins, flavonoids, minerals (chrome), amino acids including arginine, enzymes. These elements, at the level of the intestine, slow down the absorption of sugars by trapping them between the fibres, which greatly slows down their assimilation and therefore ultimately reduces the storage of fat.
The use of bean pod powder, after weight loss, helps the next phase: the long-term weight stabilization phase. The bean pod limits and regulates the passage of sugars in the blood and slows down the peak of hyperglycemia after meals. It is also diuretic; it increases the elimination of excess water in the tissues and allows toxins to be evacuated.
Phaseolus vulg. presents different types of activities:

  • Anti-hyperglycemic effect (silicic acid, chromium, polyphenols, inhibition of amylase);
  • Antioxidant effect (polyphenols, enzymes).

Olea europea: olive tree
Extract of leaves with antioxidant properties by an action of the SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase) type. The leaves are the active part of the plant and contain oleeuropeoside. The olive tree is rich in phytosterols. They have a diuretic action. The olive tree is also useful for its hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic action. It has a favorable action on circulating sugars.
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant whose leaves contain an essential oil with digestive properties. Rosemary stimulates the functioning of the gallbladder, acts on intestinal fermentation and abdominal pain. It calms spasms of digestive origin. It also contains flavonoids, terpene derivatives and polyphenols including rosmarinic acid and caffeic derivatives.
Oxylia-Ox Summary of Actions

  • Decreased absorption of sugars
  • Decrease in the hyperglycemia peak after meals
  • Anti-hyperglycemic effect (silicic acid, chromium, polyphenols, inhibition of amylase)


  • Hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic action
  • Diuretic action


  • Stimulation of gallbladder function

Mode of action of the OXYLIA-OX complex:

The inhibition of alpha-glucosidase makes it possible to limit the passage of glucose into the bloodstream, i.e. a regulation of glycemia. Consequently, insulin stimulation is reduced and remains physiological and therefore does not induce fat storage.

2. Chromium:
Chromium is an essential trace element that acts on carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism.
Thanks to it, the body makes optimal use of sugars from food, and assimilates fats correctly without promoting their storage.
3. Collagen:
Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body.
This protein has the function of ensuring the cohesion of tissues and organs. It has very interesting moisturizing, elastic and resistant properties to maintain firm and youthful skin.
Collagen would, moreover, have the ability to increase the feeling of satiety, and would therefore act as an appetite suppressant.
4. Vitamin B3:
It participates in the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, in particular through the production of energy.
5. Elastin:
As its name suggests, this protein has elastic properties.
Like collagen, its synthesis decreases with age and promotes skin aging. The supply of elastin is therefore supposed to bring suppleness to the skin, which can undergo weight loss without having marks such as stretch marks for example.

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Scientific studies concerning Minceur 24 Fort

The official website does not mention any clinical study carried out to validate the effectiveness of this slimming pill.
However, the Forte Pharma laboratories sent us by return email the information concerning the study carried out on the ingredient Oxylia-Ox:
Efficacy study of the Oxylia-Ox* complex:
Double-blind clinical study, carried out in Japan on Oxylia-Ox versus placebo.
Duration: 60 days, on 40 subjects (30 women – 10 men), with a dose of 500 mg/d of the Oxylia-Ox complex, the dose present in our Slimming 24 Fort range.
*Scientific studies carried out in partnership with the Pasteur Institute of Lille and Paris

Conclusion :

  • Very good results from D30 on the criterion of weight and waist circumference.
  • Gradual and significant results over 2 months, especially on the waistline.


Placebo group

D30 J60 D30 J60
Weight (kg) -3.55 -4.03 -0.31 +0.34
Size (cm) -3.47 -7.23 -0.35 0.29
  • Improved weight loss in 2 months.
  • Significant acceleration of waistline loss in 2 months.

Side effects and contraindications

No adverse effects are reported for 24 Fort Slimming Pills.

However, as usual, these capsules are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone with a health complication or under specific medical treatment.

Slimming 24 Forte User Testimonials

People who have tested Slimming 24 Forte capsules report very different results.

For some, this supplement has remained totally ineffective, sometimes with embarrassing laxative effects.
For others, the results have been there, with a loss of 3kg in 6 weeks, and a firmer and more refined silhouette.
All agree that the pills are a little big, and that taking them twice a time is binding.

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Price and warranty

The Minceur 24 Fort weight-loss supplement is available in local pharmacies or in online Forté Pharma partner parapharmacies.

The price of a box of 1 month of treatment may vary depending on the site. The price is usually within a range of 10€ and 14€ approximately.

Forte Pharma does not offer a warranty for this product.

Last update: September 14, 2022.