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Menstrual swimsuit: which brand to choose?

Menstruation is an essential stage for a woman. Nevertheless, it should not be considered as a brake in the realization of your desire to bathe in a swimming pool, in the sea or in fresh water. Thanks to menstrual swimsuit give free rein to your passions without fear. If you already know the importance of this garment dedicated to swimming, discover the brands to adopt.

The Elia brand

The choice of a menstrual swimsuit must be done for various reasons including design, comfort, cut, color and price. The Elia brand offers a diverse range of menstrual swimsuits that respect your health and well-being. With a zero waste certification, this brand offers accessories with a breathtaking design. This is also why it charms so many ladies.

Let yourself be seduced by a 2-piece swimsuit that offers you optimal comfort and ease of putting it on. In addition to being made in canonissime, the design of this garment is simply charming. The top is specially designed to bring you a touch of sensuality. Equipped with a band, the jersey firmly supports your chest, and the back and neck strings make it adjustable.

As for the panties, they are high waisted and quite wide at the buttocks. This comes with a small tie belt to enhance your physical features. Available in blue, pink and black, the Elia brand perfectly combines chic, glamor and sexy. Even more interesting, Elia’s menstrual swimsuit is reversible. Finally, Elia swimsuits are flexible and with a soft texture. Your well-being is guaranteed.

Moodz: the revolutionary brand

If you plan to enjoy a casual and designed garment with a unique design, go for the Moodz brand. Indeed, this fashion company is famous for its exquisite accessories and for their comfort. In the category of menstrual swimwear, Moodz offers a scandalous model. Made in two pieces, this accessory is original for its glittery pink color and for its unique shape.

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Once you put it on, this swimsuit adheres to your body and guarantees ease of movement. Exit accessories that leave marks and hinder the flow of rules. With fairly enveloping panties, the brand brings an irresistible grain of seduction. If you like soft fabrics, you will be delighted to wear this menstrual swimsuit. The protection provided therein is large enough to prevent any leakage.

You don’t feel any discomfort either because of the straps of the top or the seams for the panties. The waist of your panties is supported by elastics so that it adapts easily to your waistline. You will have no difficulty finding the size that will suit your curves.

The Menstrual Swimsuit In My Panties

Specialized in the manufacture of clothing and swimwear, the house Dans ma culotte is faithful to its reputation as a brand. It offers a variety of accessories ideal for the period of menstruation. This brand reinvents the pleasure of asserting your curves in a swimsuit. Take advantage of the expertise of Dans ma culotte to experience, during your period, special sensations of comfort and ease. Designed in the pin’up style, this menstrual swimsuit offers you a total charm thanks to its design. It is slightly low-cut at the front and has cozy pads to accommodate the chest. Gently side, In my panties did not do things by halves, the jerseys are made with waffle fabric. A real treat for the body.