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Maisondumonde: Green brand or not?

Everything that man produces has a certain impact on the environment. Thus, some brands have chosen to review their operating methods. This reversal has the sole purpose of enabling the implementation of an eco-responsible policy for the planet. These signs are qualified as green brands. Can we consider the Maisondumonde structure as an eco-friendly brand? Read on to find out more.

Maisondumonde: what is the origin of the concept?

Maisondumonde is a furniture and decoration company for all styles. It is a public limited company founded in 1990 by Xavier Marie. The head office of the latter is located in Loire-Atlantique in Vertou. This structure, using seven different styles, offers several furnishing and decoration items in its stores. Customers then have the option of choosing between:

  • vintage,
  • the chic classic,
  • The beach,
  • country house,
  • the modern design.

The two remaining styles are the exotic model and the industrial one. A collection of inspiration boards is also planned to awaken the creativity of customers.

The principles of Maison du monde
The principles of MaisonduMonde

What are the basic principles followed by Maisondumonde?

The brand Houses of the world evolves according to a certain number of precepts of its own. These precepts go as far as choice and selection of raw materials.

Carefully select raw materials

The brand has put the material heart of commitment. This is clearly justified by the CSR policy put in place by the structure for its proper functioning. The CSR director of this brand also affirmed that Maisondumonde’s commitment starts with the selection of the materials used.

He goes further by insisting that each material has its own personal impact. He adds that the choices made individually by each mortal can significantly reduce the environmental footprint.

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Put special emphasis on the production process to optimize recycling

The Maisondumonde brand also applies this healthy production method to textiles. This results in the introduction of recycled materials and organic cotton in the production process. In general, more than 1,600 references of the brand are now certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, OCS or GOTS. The products are therefore made from natural materials. That is, 32 % furniture coverings and Maisondumonde textiles now carry these certifications.

In addition, the brand is significantly committed to giving its products a second life. To achieve this, the latter has teamed up with recognized partners in the field such as Emmaus and the Red Cross. Customers can therefore easily recycle their products or donate them if they wish.

Unite beauty, trend and responsibility

Instead of specific ranges for responsible products, Maisondumonde has instead chosen to implement its commitments within all its different product categories. To date, a quarter of the Maisondumonde brand offer is responsible. In terms of numbers, this sits at almost 3,300 references. The brand intends to increase this figure in the coming years. Its main objective is to put a sense of responsible purchasing at the heart of its customers.

As the CSR director says, responsibility is not a style. In addition, the principles of responsibility can be sources of inspiration. the style responsibility center of the brand selects the material that will best adapt to the different criteria on the decorative planeconomical and sustainable.

These different responsible pieces make it possible to highlight the different natural materials used. The main privileged components are those which make it possible to avoid a consumption new resources. The brand claims to use, whenever possible, eco-responsible materials. They will be managed sustainably like reclaimed wood in order to personalize the product and give it a single identity. For example, several ranges exist such as: Ravel, Greenoak, Sasha.

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The brand strives to combine responsible materials to harmonize design and functionality. This, in addition to putting forward this concept of the importance of reducing the carbon footprint.

Can Maisondumonde be considered an eco-friendly brand?

In view of the above, the Maisondumonde brand offers products made from natural materials for an eco-responsible decoration. The latter also strives to respect the ethical dimension regarding its various products.

Even if the rate of ethical products within the structure is still low, the latter is fundamentally committed to doing better. Thanks to that philosophy based on responsible fashion, it is on the right track to be an eco-friendly brand in its own right.