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Low Pool Enclosure: How to maintain it?

Many people protect the surface of their swimming pool with a pool cover in order to enjoy clean water. However, just like the swimming pool, the pool enclosure is not spared from natural dirt or external pollution. It usually requires some level of maintenance to last over time. Here are some tips for properly maintaining a low pool enclosure.

Rinse the pool enclosure structure

Some low pool enclosures are made of wood, PVC or aluminum. For this reason, there are different models low pool enclosure designed to meet your needs in terms of protection and comfort. To rinse the pool enclosure structure, use a water jet gun at high pressure. This will allow you to blast away grime and dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the low pool enclosure with ease.

In this way, the dust spots present on the surface of the shelter will disappear. These include mould, oily substances or even bird droppings. Remember that this task does not require much work and effort on your part.

Wash the glass and walls of the pool enclosure

Using a sponge or soft cloth, wipe off the dirtiest stains. stubborn present on the glazing and walls of the pool enclosure. However, if you don’t want to damage the polycarbonate glass of your shelter, use a liquid soap-based product to clean it. Clean the glass starting from the top of the structure (the roof) downwards.

In addition, avoid using chemicals such as bleach or hydrochloric acid during cleaning. These generally react with the walls of the pool enclosure. Take care of carefully wipe down all surfacesensuring that the windows are properly cleaned.

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Clean the telescopic rails

The rails are among the most important components of the low pool enclosure. They are the ones who ensure, for example, the proper functioning of sliding modules low shelter for telescopic sliding pool. Clean them regularly with water and a scrub brush with handle.

Don’t forget to remove the sands, stones, dead leaves and other debris that may be in the gaps of the rails. These could jam the opening and closing of the rails. In addition, poorly maintained rails risk breaking the glazing of the swimming pool enclosure.

Avoid climbing the enclosure of the shelter and inspect it

Sometimes climbing onto the enclosure of the pool enclosure to do the cleaning can seem tempting. It looks a lot like a climbing structure. However, you should avoid climbing it during maintenance.

Indeed, the wall of the swimming pool enclosure is in Polycarbonate, although it is stronger than glass, it can break. To clean its surface, you can therefore bring a retractable broom.

If you have a low swimming pool enclosure, you must inspect it regularly. This will allow you to quickly identify the various problems he is facing before they get worse. These different inspections will save you time and money on your various repairs.