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vial-lipophedrineLIPOPHEDRINE is a liporeducer and a metabolic potentiator which could be your new slimming companion.

What is this product? How does he act? And how to take advantage of it? And most importantly, does Lipophedrine keep its promises?

The answer in our survey.

Presentation & Promise of Lipophedrine

Lipophedrine comes in the form of capsules.
The dosage recommended by the manufacturer is 4 capsules per day in a single dose, with a large glass of water.
The recommended minimum duration of treatment is 20 days, renewable if necessary.

On the official website of the manufacturer, it can be seen that Lipophedrine is supposed to have a multiple action to help us get rid of our extra pounds.

This product allows you to:

  • Stimulate fat burning;
  • Suppress fatty acid synthesis using stored fat for energy;
  • Increase metabolism;
  • Activate fat oxidation;
  • Increase thermogenesis.

the official site announces that lipophedrine is made from a patented and scientifically tested ingredient, composed of: Glavonoid™ and Biaminoée™.

3C Pharma, Manufacturer of Lipophedrine

It is the French laboratory of 3 oaks, or 3C Pharma, specialized in food supplements of all kinds for more than 20 years, which is at the origin of lipophedrine.
Located in the Lyon region, the manufacturer guarantees full control of the production chain of its supplements, and as part of its research to find natural molecules capable of relieving many ailments.
It stands out for its fruitful associations with CNRS and INSERM researchers.
Contact with the manufacturer is ensured by various means: email, post or telephone. All his contact details are clearly displayed on his official website.

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At first glance, 3C Pharma presents itself as a reliable and serious company.

Lipophedrine Fat Burner Ingredients

Lipophedrine contains 3 main ingredients, 2 of which are patented.
1. Glavonoid™:
The main ingredient in Glavonoid™ is glabridin, a polyphenol from licorice root.
Glabridin has the ability to reduce fat synthesis while increasing the activity of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fatty tissue.
In addition, this ingredient would hinder the production of cortisol, a catabolic hormone that promotes fat mass to the detriment of muscle mass.
By inhibiting the release of cortisol, which is rather synthesized in the cells of the abdominal strap, Glavonoid™ would have the particularity of stimulating fat loss in this place.
2. Biaminoée™:
This ingredient is a combination of biopeptides and heme iron, designed by the French laboratory LTEV (Laboratoire Technologique d’Extraction Végétale).
It consists of 22 amino acids and iron, and would act as a natural anabolic.

Among the amino acids present in Biaminoée™, we can mention:

  • La Valine, whose name comes from valerian.
    It participates in muscle metabolism, stimulates muscle growth, provides energy to the body and acts on the feeling of hunger;
  • Alanine which stimulates the level of glucose in the blood, and Glutamic Acid, also called glutamate, which fights sugar cravings, participates in fat metabolism and accelerates the burning of fatty tissue;
  • Glycine, participates in the process of sugar management by the body;
  • Cysteine, a powerful detoxifier that participates in the synthesis of fatty acids and promotes the burning of fat;
  • Methionine, a powerful antioxidant, anti-fatigue and anti-toxic, it lowers cholesterol levels and plays a role in the breakdown of lipids.
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For more detailed information on this patented ingredient, we invite you to consult the following document: Biaminoée™, cellular health activator: extract from APB scientific report no: Biaminoée 1127034.

3. Green Tea:

Green tea contains 3-4% caffeine, as well as catechins.
This ingredient is now well known for its fat burning properties, as it increases lipolysis and thermogenesis.
In addition, green tea raises the levels of norepinephrine in the body, a hormone that increases metabolism and the process of fat breakdown.

Given the ingredients that go into its composition, lipophedrine should not present any side effects or contraindications.

Scientific studies concerning Lipophedrine

The 3C Pharma site mentions a study carried out by the Kaneka laboratory, the originator of Glavonoid™.
The link available on the site takes you to the official laboratory site, entirely in Japanese! Not very readable as information!

We nevertheless managed to translate certain information, and in particular that concerning a study carried out in 2012 on 80 people with a BMI of 24 to 30.
Different groups ingested different doses of Glavonoid™ (100 mg/day; 200 mg/day or 300 mg/day), in addition to a placebo control group.

The results of the study showed that people who consumed Glavonoid™ saw their muscle mass increase, as well as their basic metabolism.
These people also consumed more energy during physical exercise.
A measurement of oxygen consumption during exercise has shown that this ingredient increases lipolysis and could have greater effects if combined with long-term physical exercise.
Indeed, knowing that the muscle uses the oxygen at its disposal to produce energy through the combustion of fat, we understand that greater oxygen consumption would promote better use of adipose tissue.

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Lipophedrine User Testimonials

There are many testimonials from people who have tested lipophedrine for weight loss, with rather mixed results.
Some people have observed moderate results, others mention changes at the beginning of the treatment, then nothing, while others testify to a complete absence of weight loss.

However, consumers are quite unanimous in saying that the capsules are too big, and therefore difficult to swallow.

Finally, it seems that lipophedrine works better in the context of an association with a sports practice and a balanced diet, and can, in this context, allow a loss, especially in centimeters.

Price & Warranty

Lipophedrine is available in drugstores and pharmacies, at the average price of 17€ the box that covers a cure of 20 days.

You can also go through the sales site below if you prefer to order online:


Alternative to lipophedrine

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Last update: September 16, 2022.