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Learn Shamanism: Find out how to become a shaman

Some things in life remain unexplained. They exist, and neither science, nor physics, nor modern medicine necessarily has the answer to everything. All over the world, peoples have seen facts that are not logical. They attributed them to the existence of gods, demons, karma, spirits, luck, bad luck, superstitions, etc. But one thing is certain: there is something.

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If the visible laws are expressed, invisible laws surely have their say. Our thoughts and our imagination, where do they come from? We can neither see them nor touch them, yet they are there and we know it. When we die, what happens to the soul that was expressing itself through our physical body and how does it express itself? How to access this dimension? And you, can you? From these problems was born a profession, that of shaman.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is a set of practices allowing to relate the visible world that we see, with an invisible world: spiritual. To do this, you need an intercessor to connect these two worlds, and this person is referred to as a “shaman”.

a shaman woman

Who can become a shaman?

Anyone with a certain spiritual sensitivity can practice it. It is not necessarily a gift because this faculty is part of the man in itself. It is up to everyone to develop their level of sensitivity according to the different areas of shamanism.

Can you make a living by being a shaman?

In society, he who possesses the faculties of a shaman is paid or rewarded according to the service he has rendered. It is not possible to concretely evaluate the salary that one earns there. Nevertheless, there are people who are recognized for their know-how and who only live from these services rendered. They then propose rates according to the business to be treated.

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What does a shaman actually do?

The shaman being known to have abilities of clairvoyance, vision, and for some, healers, people call on him for:

  • Financial, romantic, relational, existential problems;
  • Their choice of life, their personal and professional orientation;
  • Understand the why of what is happening to them, assess their chances of success;
  • Get in touch with the deceased who were close to them;
  • Seeking spiritual manifestations;
  • Get rid of certain spirits in places or even in bodies;
  • Diseases.

Some people can’t start their day without a prediction, horoscopes, or “guide” for the day. As a result, this activity can be lucrative, depending on the visibility, relationship and availability of the shaman, not to mention the relationship he establishes with his clients.

Best training in Shamanism

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an ethnic shaman

The different manifestations of shamanism

Depending on the sensitivity of each and the ease of his mind to get in touch with the beyond, there are several possible manifestations, namely:

  • Visions: also called “third eye” », the person endowed with this faculty can see images, often brief and fleeting, and this while being conscious or still sleepwalking.
  • The sensory manifestations : it is the fact of feeling the presence of a spirit by an impression, or even by a sensation of brushing or breathing on the skin.
  • auditory manifestations : here, spiritual sensitivity is manifested by the ability to hear voices that are not the fruit of one’s own thought, coming from within, or even from outside.
  • Sleepwalking : Spirits can interact more easily through the person’s body when they are asleep. The person then begins to say things that are beyond his knowledge.
  • Oral demonstrations : in other people, the spirits express themselves more easily through their mouths. Often these people do not remember what they said when they were wide awake.
  • The physical manifestations : these can move inert bodies, make noise or din, etc.
  • Healers : some people have the ability to heal without any medication, but only by a simple touch, a simple gesture, even by a look or by deep and oriented thought.
  • demonstrations through writing : the shaman’s hand finds itself controlled by a force which is not its own and begins to write messages which come from the spirit which controls it.
  • Pneumatographs : unlike the previous one, the writings are obtained directly without the person writing the slightest word. It is a rare faculty.
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What are the qualities required to practice shamanism?

  • Believe in : open-mindedness is essential, not only to understand what is happening, but also to refine one’s sensitivity and accept the facts.
  • a strong spirit : A good psychic health is required because the demonstrations can offend the conscience.
  • A lot of will : because few are those who succeed the first time, and some minds are capricious. The ease will also depend on everyone’s patience and involvement.
  • Goodness: because many temptations can arise during training.
  • Serious : you will mainly have to learn by concentration and observation.
  • humility : when skills are acquired, it is important not to fall into abuse.
  • self control : this point is CAPITAL. Training to communicate with the invisible is not without risk and can give rise to unpleasant surprises such as obsessions, mystifications and terribly powerful fascinations. It is therefore imperative to maintain control during a session, and not give in to panic.

Online training currently exists for people who would like to deepen and develop this part of their mind in order to awaken supernatural faculties.

Best training in Shamanism

Follow this training online shamanism and start practicing fast!

In practice, shamanism can be accompanied by dancing, consumption of certain plants, songs, rhythmic beats with the feet or on a drum, helping people to let themselves be transported in order to optimize the achievement of a modified state of consciousness, superior, more sensitive, until reaching a state of trance, in some.


Developing spiritual sensitivity in a balanced way offers a new vision of ourselves and our environment. Thus, there are various advantages:

  • better quality of life;
  • an improved understanding of the world and what is happening to us;
  • a good ability to interpret facts;
  • satisfaction with the service provided;
  • a job in itself, for some.
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Disadvantages and dangers

It is clear that this practice is not recommended in children because they still have an easily influenced and overexcited mind. (Unless they already have innate sentience). Apart from this case, the negative points are:

  • The fact that those around you do not take you seriously;
  • Great fatigue: especially if the manifestations are physical or the spirit is violent;
  • A psychological disorder, fears: hence the need to have a strong mind.


Are there treatment protocols in France that include a shamanic approach?

The answer is no. There is no single protocol. On the other hand, each shaman from his culture, has his own protocols of care, protection, treatment of disease etc.

Does a shaman have gifts of clairvoyance or must he acquire them?

A shaman usually develops one quality more than another. Mediumship, clairvoyance, the art of communicating with spirits, the art of curing illnesses, for example. If he is open and accessible to all these forms of sensitive art, he will necessarily develop one more than the other.