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Learn Reiki for Animals: Training, Tips

Reiki is a method of treating and caring for animals that ensures their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Relatively less practiced, it is very effective for the balance of animals in general.

What is Reiki for Animals?

Reiki comes first from the assembly of two Japanese words. The first word: “REI”, which means universal vital energy, which exists in all elements such as matter, spirit and soul. The second word: “KI” or “Qi”, which relates to the vital force.

Best Reiki Training for Animals

follow this reiki training for animals online and start practicing fast!

Reiki thus alludes to the vital energy which circulates in us and around us, but also the means of activating this energy. First of all, it is an extremely simple, holistic and pleasant method of healing.

It is necessary to master the management of the various energies within a living being to practice it. This method, applied to animals, is Reiki for animals. To observe the results of Reiki, several successive sessions are needed.

It is also a method of energy care that allows you to act on a physical and emotional level. It is ultimately an energy rebalancing treatment.

Interest of Reiki for animals?

Reiki for animals plays an important role on several levels. For non-sick animals, Reiki helps to stay healthy. However, for sick animals, Reiki allows to:

  • cure mental illnesses,
  • Cure physical illnesses,
  • Reduce anxiety and stress,
  • Promote a general feeling of well-being,
  • Relieve pain and discomfort,
  • Accelerate post-operative recovery,
  • Participate in the relief of the symptoms of the disease,
  • Participate in the relief of the side effects of certain medications,
  • Help to lower the level of aggression.

These transformations are possible thanks to treatments based on the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

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Best Reiki Training for Animals

follow this reiki training for animals online and start practicing fast!

Reiki for animals is a powerful means that acts positively on the emotions of animals. When your pet has been through situations of extreme stress, or situations of neglect, it can be emotionally damaged. Reiki plays a vital role in this kind of situation by helping to put the animal in confidence.

A dog is cured with Reiki

When some animals are sometimes nervous, Reiki for animals causes them to relax deeply, and thus reduces their nervousness over long periods of time.

How does a Reiki session for animals take place?

A Reiki treatment for animals can be done in direct contact with the animal, remotely via a site, by call or with a photo of the animal. It must be done by a Reiki specialist for animals.

Reiki does not necessarily require manipulation of the animal, it is enough to put the hands on. It is therefore a simple, gentle and painless process that all animals can follow without fear, especially fearful animals.

If your animal is in direct contact with the Reiki master, you will be able to note that it accepts after a few minutes to submit to the energy of Reiki to receive it. If the care is done remotely, you will find that your animal becomes more and more calm and peaceful during the session.

The animal itself ends the session when it feels that it has received maximum energy, because it is he who is the master of the therapy. The session usually lasts 20 to 45 minutes. You will therefore be able to assess the state of health of your animal yourself after the session.

How to learn Reiki for animals?

Reiki is an unconventional medicine open to any type of person who feels interested. To know the basic principles and progress, it is necessary to follow a training course. To learn Reiki for animals, you must have a number of skills such as:

  • A great capacity for concentration,
  • Patience,
  • Empathy,
  • The agility,
  • Self control,
  • The ability to be in contact with animals and to understand them,
  • Know how to treat different species of animals,
  • Being able to be gentle with animals,
  • The ability to analyze an animal’s energy balance.
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If you have most of these skills, or if you have them all, you can practice Animal Reiki.

A cat in a Reiki session

Look to join an animal energy therapy program where you can study Reiki perfectly. During these programs, you will be able to learn:

  • communication with animals,
  • What is the processing of energy and the flow of this energy in animals,
  • To make the right diagnoses,
  • chakras in animals,
  • aura reading,
  • magnetism in animals,
  • The influence of the laying on of hands,
  • Developing a personalized treatment plan.

Learn Reiki for animals online?

If you do not have the opportunity to attend a Reiki teaching program for animals, you have the option of learning it online. All you need is an internet connection and something to connect to (a smartphone, etc.).

Best Reiki Training for Animals

follow this reiki training for animals online and start practicing fast!

Online courses usually last 3 to 6 months, and during these, you can learn different treatment methods such as Reiki, therapeutic touch, non-invasive examination methods and many other modules.

After a few months of work, you will be able to care for, diagnose and treat the animals around you, and even earn a salary with your learned skills.

How much do you gain from Reiki for animals?

There are more and more energy therapies nowadays. Everyone has the opportunity to practice as a Reiki practitioner, because it is an unconventional medicine. You can therefore, without having the diploma, practice this profession and earn a salary.

Thanks to Reiki, you can earn up to 2200 euros per month as an average income.

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What are the missions to be fulfilled thanks to Reiki for animals?

The Reiki practitioner for animals has several missions that he can fulfill.

He must maintain the state of health of the animals by giving them adequate treatment in the event of illness. He must therefore accompany them in the healing process or, if necessary, in the end-of-life process.


When looking for information on Reiki for animals, a certain number of questions come up regularly, here are a few:

What is the price of Reiki for dogs?

The price for reiki for dogs is 180 euros for 4 sessions.

How much does Reiki training for animals cost?

There are 4 learning levels:
Level 1 Reiki Usui: 180 euros
Level 2 Reiki Usui: 270 euros
Level 3 Reiki Usui: 400 euros
Reiki Master Usui: 500 euros.

How long does a Reiki treatment last?

There is no standard time frame for a Reiki treatment for animals. The benefits that the animal derives from it do not depend on the duration, but rather on the needs of the animal.

What are the benefits of Reiki for animals?

Reiki is painless, and allows the transfer of energy between the healer and the animal. Reiki improves the animal’s concentration and sleep, as well as its emotional and mental balance. It stimulates the immune system and provides support in situations such as abandonment, shock, anxiety or fear. It also has a positive effect on the treatment of chronic diseases in animals.